Who Am I? Precious. What Am I Worth? I'm Worth Dying For.

When I lost my dad to cancer two years ago, I isolated God from my life. I stopped believing completely. I wondered, "How, if a God exists, could something like this happen?"

My dad loved God more than anybody. He wasn't the perfect Christian. He didn't go to Church every Sunday. But he loved God with his whole heart. Isn't that enough? Is that enough to deserve God's love?

So with that, I blocked out my heart and mind. I was still made by my mom to attend Catechism and attend Church. I would laugh at what I perceived to be naivety of the people.

I recently moved out of state and attend a new Church and Catechism program. Part of the program required that we go to an all day retreat.
Great, I thought. A day where God and Jesus will get crammed down my throat. Wonderful.

But the man who spoke wasn't at all naive. He really had me thinking. He challenged me to question all the things I'd come to believe.

"You think we all just ended up here? One day, there was an explosion, and now we're all here?" we all took this in before he said, "I don't think sooooo."

There was something he said, though, that really stuck. Stuck more than anything else.
"Who am I? Precious. What am I worth? I am worth dying for."


That stuck, and as I looked at the cross, I realized how precious of a human being Jesus was. Jesus was precious. Jesus was worth dying for. And he died for us, because we're all precious, and we're all worth dying for.

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Read the Bible and believe Jesus be a Christian.

You are a catholic if you read the catechism