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I was basically raised in the Church for as long as I can remember. I've gone to church almost every Sunday, i go to Bible camp every year. When i was 9 or 10, i think, the 1st year i went to bible camp, was the year the whole God thing kinda hit me. And now every year at camp i re-dedicated myself to Him. Usually. But now, i just don't know. I'm so tired of the "religion". The rituals seem so pointless, and the whole religion, really, just is so hypocritical. With all the denominations and such, it just seems so stupid. Maybe we are just brainwashed. I don't know. I've never really known any different. I feel like i never had the chance to decide if i wanted to be a Christian or not. But i am. I think. Sometimes? I just really don't know. I know all the right answers. I know that Jesus is God's son, and he came down to earth to die for our sins. I know that, and i believe that. I believe in Creation. It's just the whole religion part that bothers me. I don't know what to do anymore.

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I love Jesus Christ, and am not of this world...but this world will attack from every angle to make you doubt your own heart. So much hypocrisy from those we are supposed to look up to. The ONLY thing that matters with Christ is that your belief in Him is true. That we will profess Him on earth, and He will acknowledge us in Heaven. Don't concern yourself with A church, or THE rituals...concern yourself with the matters of your heart. I have never been much of a "church" person, but I thoroughly and unwaiveringly LOVE my God and my Savior. I once wondered if I could truly be a Christian without joining or participating in a church...after much prayer and inner conversation, I know that, without question, I am. And so long as I present myself in a positive manner, so not to bring disgrace to the title Christian, I have no problem with dismissing man's opinion of ME. I live my life. I don't surround myself with Christians in name only. I live the same way Monday-Saturday as alot of people live only on Sunday. Pray on your concerns, but just know, a building, a minister, Bible school...none of it is what makes you Christian. Only your own personal relationship with Christ does. Prayers:)

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Having a relationship with Jesus Christ is what is important. Religion is in the head, Christianity is in the heart. If you would like to join a christian group I have for ladies all over the world, get back to me. You will be able to fellowship and be encouraged. Many of the ladies are mature Christians, very caring. God bless you!

maybe it's your conscience trying to tell you something. Maybe Christianity isn't the path for you. I was going through the same thing you are and eventually I just lost it completely. I've become a better person since I let go of all that...freer, less afraid.

Tough questions. We all face them at one point or another. <br />
This reminds me of something my 16 year old has on her blog. Where it ask about religion preferance her answer is this.....<br />
Religion, whatever, I have a Relationship with the Creator of the Universe.<br />
Try to focus on Christ not the rules and hypocrisy in organized religious groups. Even those with the best of intentions are handicapped by the fact that they are human and thus sinners. Only Christ will never let you down.<br />
You are brave to express your thoughts and fears. Hang in there.

Religion is not what Jesus intended it to be. People try far too hard to make Christianity standardized. It can't be. It's different for everyone. You don't need to feel the same way or agree with the same things that every other Christian believes. Jesus even gave different answer to some people asking similar questions--my take on that has always been that Jesus will meet you where you are at, and take you to where he wants YOU to go--not your Mom, not your Pastor, but where YOU are supposed to end up--in life, in your beliefs, in your morals. There are definitely some absolutes that are important, but there are so many gray areas that you must seek wisdom in. Religion is a gray area. Do the best you can to seek how it should apply to your relationship with God.

Hey jaisikae,<br />
Sometimes if we have been a Christian for a while our relationship with God can become a bit religious.What Ive found though is that God always has more for us,there is so much we can still discover about Him,His ways,the key is just to not stop looking.Its good to ask questions though.Because at the end you will say like Job42:5I have heard of God,but now i have seen Him for myself.<br />
So yeah,there is more to Jesus than meets the eye,may you discover HIM in more reality.