My Life So Far

I was born again in 1996,at my first job,in a connect group where they taught me about Christianity.All though this was the day I made the commitment I did feel from a young age how God tried to pull me in.The first time I experienced God,was when I was very small about 4 years old.It was over Christmas time and I saw on television for the first time the Crucifictian of Jesus.It touched me so much I rememer walking into the hallway of our house,crying and saying to God,Lord how could they do that to you?Even before that as soon as could basically speak my parents told me that if they asked me what I want to become when Im older I said a preacher.Even though my family never went to church.I also loved bible stories from a young age more than anything else.As I got older I ended up in the wrong crowds and almost got involved with satinism,but God never let me go and at 18 I made the commitment to Him.I also always sensed God had a call on my life to do something great for His kingdom,and prophesies confirmed this in my life by several different people prophesying over my life.After becoming A Christian,I made some decisions that made my life difficult at times,becuase I was in haste and didnt want to wait for God to fulfill His plan in my life,I missed it but learnt alot along the way.

Currently I am in London seeking Gods Plan for my life,His Specific plan,and it has been a struggle at times.Working rowards finding it though,knowing every step I take today is one step closer to fulfilling my God given dreams.All I know thus far is God is awesome and I love Him very much.

Hannes Hannes
26-30, M
Aug 21, 2007