The Life Of Being The Child Of God

It's Great to be the child of God in times of happiness and trials i am with him even the times of difficulties i know

he is with me, but sometimes i get confused why do we need to experience some difficulties that so hard to understand.


Cherylhannah Cherylhannah
2 Responses Feb 10, 2010

I agree totally tjarrett!!!! You are a great writer....and full of wisdom

When you accepted Christ, He never promised to make your life perfect. He promised to give you life more abundant. What is life? Good and bad. Triumph and tragedy. God will never give you more than you can handle, but will allow you to face trials. The ultimate purpose for this is for His glory. You see he will never leave or forsake you, but will carry and sustain you through that situation, so that your life will be a testimony of how great He is and others will see that His grace, love, and mercy carried you through. It also builds our faith and shows us that He's still on the throne and in control. My father was a perfect example of that. He was diagnosed with a rare and terminal cancer in 1996. He was given 6 months to live. He didn't get angry with God. He didn't question why. He knew God had a plan and purpose for this. He was a living testimony of God's grace and power even through the pain. The end result was that he lived for 11 more years, watching his grandchildren get big, and in the end, the cancer that was supposed to take his life in 6 months, didn't even take his life. He touched many lives during that time. He always gave God the glory. I myself was unemployed for eight months in 2009 and in the two years prior to being unemployed, our family had situations arise that depleted a lot of our savings. We never missed a meal and never missed a bill even though sometimes there wasn't a penny in the bank. He will make a way, always. It's easy to shout praise when you're on the mountaintop. But when you can look the darkest night or situation head on and still give God the glory, you know that you have truly "Let go and let God". God bless you.