A Testimony Of God's Love

On August 7th,1983 I had a brain tumor the size of a naval orange that grew to the size of a grape fruit after doctors attempted to remove parts of it. (brain tumors embed both into and around brain tissue) - There were several miracles that happened and the COMPLETE tumor fell out! ((ALL THESE EVENTS ARE BOTH MEDICALLY DOCUMENTED ON FILM AND 18 PAGES OF PAPERWORK BY THE NEUROSURGICAL DOCTORS !!)) I was taken off of all medications and fully released from the hospital on October 1st, 1983. I started back to school with my class in 1987, I went to college, married, and have 2 daughters ages 18 and 20.

* these things actually happened to me and are FULLY detailed on myspace on my blog called "A Testimony of God's love"        http://www.myspace.com/507702636

This documented account proves to all people that there is a literal God in Heaven, and a literal Devil in Hell.  (Read 1Corinthians 1:18-31 and continuing through chapter 3:23.)  EVERYTHING written in the over 6000 word testimony ARE spoken of in the medical  paperwork (except for the visitations of both Hell and Heaven because only I saw these)

please read my profile and blog , and If you wish you can write me.     Brian

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That's great, but how does that prove God's existence?