**** This ****

**** this ****.  I am a marihuana smoking tartlet with a foul mouth who is pissed off at everything yet I am extremely in love with life.  When I am not having tantrums over injustices and the actions of nameless douchebags, I am enjoying my existence on this planet.  Hell, even then. 

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13 Responses Feb 23, 2010

My kind of woman. I had a male friend in college who was just like that :)


Do you scream at the news, too?


I think it's just funny!


Oh come on now, where is that foul month at? Are you sure you're a born again sinner or just continuing on as a sinner? LOL Regardless, sin, sin and enjoy life. **** it all and do whatever makes you happy.

As well you should, because this was all created for your enjoyment. **** 'em if they can't take a joke.

Holy Crap Batman!!! You are my new hero. And BTW, thank you for posting this because my night is one of those **** nights and I sure needed to smile.<br />
<br />

you sound like a very positive person.

I think everyone is, you are just more honest than most.

Cool! One of the few messages on here that make perfect sense.

You sound verry verry nice and most of all rational!

Bad girls are the best

And I thought I had a dirty mouth... XD