The Challenge

Last week has been torture for my poor hubby. He only got a single ruined ****** last weekend, and so he spent the whole week in pitiful frustration. I just love seeing him in that state, and certainly took every opportunity to torment him further, so that by Thursday evening he was close to tears. That was the perfect moment to start my next project.
I told hubby to ***** naked and to lie on the bed face up, with his arms and legs stretched out. I used heavy duty wrist restraints to fasten his legs and arms to the four corners of the bed. I then unlocked his chastity cage, warning him not to get excited, as he wasn't getting an ******, but that didn't stop his **** springing to attention. I got a bowl of very hot water, some soap, and a rather abrasive dish washing sponge and gave him a thorough genital wash. He kept squeaking and complaning about the water temperature, and the rough sponge, but I ignored him. Next I plugged in my powerful hair dryer, set it to maximum temperature and dried him very thoroughly. Yet again he started to complain, saying I was burning him. This annoyed me a bit, seeming to me to be ungrateful, so I stopped for a few seconds and stroked his ***** until it was like a flag pole, then I went back to drying it (in fact it was already totally dry). I just concentrated on the exposed head of his penis, holding his foreskin down with my left hand. He screamed and screamed, in agony, apparently, which I thought was so funny. When his penis finally went small, I turned my attentions to his balls. It would seem that that was agony as well! I kept the dryer really close to his balls until they were bright red, and hubby was in floods of tears.
Having had my fun I put away the hair dryer and re-locked him in his cage.
The first part of my plan over, I poured myself a glass of Chablis and sat myself on the bed beside my poor victim. I took hold of his balls in my left hand and started squeezing them, rolling them in my hand, digging my long nails in. I then told him that I needed him to do more to make me happy. Between groans of pain he asked me what more he could do, so I answered that I would set him a challenge.
I explained that I had decided that it was no longer suitable for him to put his ***** inside me, especially as I intend to ruin most of his *******, which I can't do if he's ******* me. He was thinking a bit slowly, due to the ongoing pain in his balls from my left hand and finger nails, so he stupidly reminded me that I will also miss out on the pleasure of being ******. I retorted that I realised that. Solving that problem is his challenge.
I ended by explaining that I will hear his proposed solution on Saturday morning, and if I like it he may get an ****** on Sunday. If I don't
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1 Response May 8, 2012

wow you guys have some relationship. I don't care for the pain you seem to enjoy but I love the teasing and ****** denial and ruined so he stays real horny. how do you feel about fem men. I love lingerie myself and I am in panties 24/7.