Punishment Cross Country

I am very disappointed girls.
Some of your essays were shockingly bad.
As a punishment you will go on a cross country run.
You will wear your gym shirt and gym knickers.

Unfortunately it will take you past the Boy’s school and that building site.

Tell me all about it when you get back.
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6 Responses May 8, 2012

Oh gosh, I have fantasized about going for a cross-country run in girl's gym-kit...

I'd get changed in the changing rooms with the other "girls" taking off my shoes, gymslip, blouse, and slip, then putting my gym shirt and gym knickers on over my learning bra and knickers. My long hair is in a ponytail, my small breasts are growing, my hips are wide all like a girl's. In my school pinafore I pass easily as a girl, but in my knickers my bulge is very visible...just like many of the other "girls" in this sissy school. LIke them I quickly put on my gym-skirt, but it's VERY short, as well as being flared and pleated. It doesn't really hide much as we put our plymsoles on and hurry out to the sport's field.

The gym Mistress smirks at us as we line up. It's cold and starting to rain, and we are off. My new hips make it hard to run, they make my nice round bum wobble from side-to-side as I jog along. I like the effect on the other girls, sexy bottoms under tiny skirts, gym-knickers tight over those cheeks (with often a fringe of lace from their panties worn beneath them showing), but I feel acutely aware of it on me as we circle the field and pass the boy's building. Faces appear at the window, and many of us struggle to keep our little skirts down at the front as we jog past. After all, the boys don't know....that many of us girls who outnumber them do so because we are boys too!

My face is red by the time the building is behind us. My bulge is hard in my panties, pressed against my belly by my panties and my knickers worn over them. What they did to us to make us young and effeminate also makes us sooo horny! We pick our paces up as we run down the hillside to the stream, and we splash across it, emerging muddy and wet on the other side and continue down the trail into the woods. I am fit, running well, as we reach the halfway point. But the Gym-Mistress is there, waiting for us, holding a large gym-bag.

"Skirts off!" she shouts as we come near her. "Into the bag! Now!"

Shocked and trembling we pause to take our skirts off. Now there is no hiding our secret bulges. OK, some girls are real girls and have done, and they don't mind, but some of us most definitely do!

Still we go faster as we head back toward the school, maybe if we hurry we can sneak past...

Panting hard and with faces flaming we are a sight as we run past the boys building again, hands over our crotches. As we reach the edge of the field, the Gym-Mistress is there again!

"Stop hiding your sissy bits, you should be proud you are allowed to be girls at this school! Knickers off, all of you! You can finish this run in your panties for that!"

Oh god!

Shivering and blushing we have to peel our gym-knickers off, revealing many different styles of pretty panties and even more obvious shapes under them. At least it's only a few hundred yards back to the sports hall...

But the prefects are waiting for us there, two taller girls awaiting us, grinning.

"Tops off and five laps, come one!" They order, and our bras are revealed as we have to lose our gym-blouses. Oh we run fast, around the sports hall, even as the Gym-Mistress comes in to watch us as we finish.

"All right, not bad, get in and shower off. Shame you got your undies dirty, you'll have to lose them for the rest of the day but I'm sure we have some spare gym-knickers for you to wear!" she laughs, as we stagger back into the changing rooms, cold, wet, and dirty - no way can we do without a shower, but that's another story...

As a boy I was made tyo do x country every morning (7 days a week) dressed in only a pair of plimsolls and a pair of tight white briefs.

Please Miss I did as you told me and went on a run with my white blouse tucked into my bottle green regulation school knickers, and white socks. I love my little wrap round skirt but it is soooo short I thought that men might think I was (I am a bit embarrased to say this) a show-off tart. Anyway when I got to the boys school they lined the fence and persuaded me to let them feel the front of my knickers. I am afraid I did enjoy this. But it was worse at the building site because the boys had made me excited and I was sticking up in the front of my knickers. I really did try to keep their hands away (well actually I rather let them feel me) and then suddenly one of them had an accident over my knickers and this led to lots of them joining in and doing the same thing until I was really quite wet. Oh dear Miss and then I too had a wet accident in my school knickers. I couldn't help it Miss. I know my bottle green knickers are all wet but I think they will dry on me and I like wearing them like this, honest Miss.

When I was younger, I was a cross country runner and at times would train on my own, running up onto the moors. Often I would wear a pair of school knickers under my shorts so that when I got onto the moors, I wouyld take off my shorts, tuck my vest in my knickers and continue continue my run in navy blue or other school knickers.

I like that! I bet going across the moors the best part of your run

I think you should start the run as you mean to carry on - just in knickers and maybe a vest

When I was younger, I was a cross country runner and at times would train on my own, running up onto the moors. Often I would wear a pair of school knickers under my shorts so that when I got onto the moors, I wouyld take off my shorts, tuck my vest in my knickers and continue continue my run in navy blue or other school knickers.

Having changed hurriedly into my gym kit - pale blue gym shirt, royal blue wrap round pleated gym skirt, navy blue gym knickers, pale blue knee length hockey socks and trainers - I set out on the run. <br />
It was break time when I passed the boys school and there were dozens of them by the fence. They called out to me... <br />
Show us your knickers love!<br />
Come here and suck this!<br />
I ignored them but tripped and fell. I wasn't hurt but my skirt did flap up to show them my knickers. I blushed as I got up and ran off, leaving the jeering   and whistling boys behind. <br />
As I ran past the building site I saw a group of them blocking another girls way with a bulldozer. They seemed to be humiliating her. <br />
I stopped running and was about to help her when two builders stopped me. <br />
"oh no you don't you are coming with us!"<br />
They took me into a shed. <br />
After making me show them my knickers they made me bend over and they spanked me really hard telling me I was a naughty girl. They said next time they caught me it'd be worse. <br />
I ran back to school as fast as I could!

Did you enjoy the boys jeering?
Did you like being spanked by the builders? You are a naughty girl.