Josephine's First Day - Part 1

A story i thought i'd share...


My life at school was fairly uneventful. I wasn’t brilliant academically. I wasn’t a talented sportsman, actor or musician. I wasn’t one of the popular children. I wasn’t in physical fear from bullying, although there was a lot of teasing, name calling and ‘jokes’ that were funny for everyone else. It was one particular practical joke that went much further than usual, which happened towards the end of my time there that changed my view on life.
It was a Wednesday. That year I didn’t particularly like Wednesdays, because my timetable started with Physical Education. I was, and still am, skinny. Back in my school days I was teased on a regular basis because of my slimness, my lack of body hair and my high pitched voice. Regular taunts were the accusation that I must shave my legs for them to be so smooth and I was therefore a girl; that my voice was too high-pitched for a boy and I was therefore a girl and, rather embarrassingly, that my **** was too small to be a **** and I was therefore a girl. You get the picture. Changing for PE was always an ordeal. I tried to hide in a corner and hope I remained unnoticed.

This summer Wednesday, the last before we left, was an occasion when I didn’t go unnoticed. I was half changed when several of the boys grabbed me. Held down in the middle of the floor I was ******** completely. Once before this had happened and I had been thrown into the corridor, right in front of a group of girls and their teacher. This time I felt them redressing me. Finished they allowed me to stand up. Every one laughed. They had dressed me in a pink bra, with lace trim and a matching pair of panties. I looked down. The panties were pulled up tight, my **** invisible between my legs; even to my eyes I looked like a girl in the panties.
The PE teacher, Mr. Graham appeared. “What’s going on?” he demanded.
“There’s a girl in here Sir!” called out Mark, the ringleader of my attackers, and the others joined in. They were all part of Mr. Graham’s favourite group so I knew I would get a telling off. He always took their side. He looked me up and down. “You’re in the wrong changing room, young lady, come with me.”
He took me roughly by the arm and marched me out of the changing room. Luckily, this time the corridor was empty. He knocked on the girls changing room door. Miss Stone appeared and she too looked me up and down.
“One of your new girls has used the wrong changing room. I don’t think she has the correct kit. Can you sort her out Miss Stone?” he said with a chuckle.
“Of course, Mr. Graham, come with me you silly girl!” she said and then she took me by the arm and marched me into the girls changing room.
Under different circumstances I might have enjoyed the view that awaited me. The girls from my year group in the process of getting changed and some were just in their bra and panties, like me. They exhibited no surprise or alarm at my presence, when Miss Stone attracted their attention.
“Does anyone know this girls name?” she asked.
Some of the girls clearly had no idea who I was and some were about to say that I was actually a boy, but the quicker-witted ones caught on to the joke. They called out suggestions like ‘Pansy’ or ‘Sissy’. Others joined in calling out girlish names that were like my own name, which is Joseph by the way, such as ‘Josie’, ‘Joanna’ or ‘Josephine’. Miss Stone settled on Josephine.
“Josephine, do you have your kit?”
“No, Miss” I mumbled. She directed a girl to get me kit from the lost property box and another to fetch two small bean-bags from the equipment store.
Miss stuffed the bean bags into the cups of the bra, they filled them nicely and molded to the shape of the cups. Then I had to squeeze into a pair of maroon PE-knickers. They gripped me tightly, making my **** even less visible and hugging the cheeks of my bum.
“Look at her cute bum” I heard someone say. “I’d love long thin legs like hers” said another. Next I put on the maroon PE skirt. It was the type that flapped over at the front, where it was flat, and then had pleats all round the back. . Then I donned a white short-sleeved blouse. This too was quite tight serving to emphasize the thinness of my waist and the padding in my bra. Glancing in a mirror I saw that I looked like a quite shapely girl! White ankle socks and a pair of pink trimmed trainers went on my feet and someone found two pink ribbons to tie my longish hair into two bunches.
Before I knew it Miss had ordered me, as Josephine, to join the other girls on the tennis courts. To get there we had to walk past the boys warming up for their athletics. They had an idea of what to expect. The nastier girls made sure I had to walk right by them and then tripped me up, making me flash my knickers at them, to a chorus of jeers.
“Just ignore them Josephine!” called Miss Stone, thus ensuring that they all knew what I was being called. I began to feel very miserable.
The lesson began, split up into fours I was with Donna, Jenny and Marion. They were three of the nicer girls and they weren’t horrid to me. I actually began to enjoy the lesson. The tennis was gentle, so we were able to have a bit of a chat and enjoy the weather. The girls even warned me that, when I picked the tennis balls up I should bend at the knee and not at the waist to avoid flashing my knickers! I found my new look rather fetching. My legs didn’t look skinny as they usually did and my thin waist looked appropriate. To my surprise I even found the skirt fun to wear! I was almost disappointed when Miss said the lesson was over and I had to walk past the waiting boys back to the changing room.
Instinctively I headed for the boys changing rooms, but Miss redirected me.
“You really must learn your way around!” she said. “I’ve spoken to Mr. Graham and he says he can’t find any of your clothes in the boy’s room so he has asked me to kit you out for the rest of the day. Won’t that be nice?” She smiled but not in a nasty way.
Confused I waited by her office. She emerged with a bundle of clothes and a pair of shoes. “Change into these then bring your PE kit back here.”
Obediently I made my way back into the girls changing room. My tennis partners were just leaving. They asked what I was doing and I explained. They offered to help me get ready.
Soon I was wearing the summer uniform, consisting of a maroon cardigan over a summer dress in a maroon gingham pattern. The dress was a bit tight, hugging my body rather more than it did the others and it was also a bit short. The cardigan fitted fine. On my feet, over the white ankle socks I had on a pair of black, sensible, but undeniably feminine shoes complete with a small heel!
Donna assured me that I looked fine. Together we returned to Miss Stone’s office.
“Well Josephine you look very nice. Here is a note for your teachers that will explain the way you have chosen to dress. Off you go and enjoy your break.”
I nearly began to argue. Chosen to dress indeed, but I didn’t meekly accepting my fate....

to be continued
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wow can;t wait to read more love this story also keep up the great work LOVE Penny

What a fabby story!

wonderfull I love your story has correlations to me.

you lucky sissy you