Priscilla Prissypanties Punishment

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“Come with me girl!”
Taking her firmly by the wrist I lead the wretched girl up onto the stage.
I stand her at the front.
“This young lady decided to undertake the cross country run wearing non-regulation knickers.”
I turn to Priscilla.
“Raise your skirt so everyone can see the pretty floral print knickers you chose to wear...”
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5 Responses May 13, 2012

Please Miss I am wearing two pairs of bottle green regulation gym knickers and Priscilla could wear a pair of mine. I will come up on the stage with her, pull her floral print knickers down (gosh her little thingy is getting big) and dress her in my gym knickers. They are a bit difficult to pull up Miss because her thingy has got soooo big. Oh dear as I was rubbing that bulge she has in my green school knickers a dark wet stain has appeared in the front of them. Can I give her a kiss please Miss ?

Stop that Lexie! You are not here to enjoy yourself. <br />
Who is next to stroke Priscilla?<br />
Until the next volunteer stroke yourself girl; I'm sure it won't be the first time.

Keen to impress our teacher I join Priscilla on the stage. I run my fingers teasingly across her floral knickers, first across her cute bum then across her 'bulge'. I think I felt her twitch!<br />
"Sorry Priscilla" I whisper as I stroke her again.

Oh rest assured there will be a spanking but first I want all the other girls to give your pathetic little bulge a stroke through your panties. Don't make a mess. <br />
Who wants to go first?

Fabulous sweetie<br />
Hugs<br />