For Two Days

Ok Billie and Melodie here goes. yeah it was for 2 days. Ya see I was about 8 years old and this kid next door picked a fight. Well i woiuld not fight him, and my dad got pissed. He said he didn't want a sissy for a son. so he dressed me in my older sisters clothes. We were the same size (51 weeks apart ) I remember it didn't really phase me, to me they were just cloths. we went form a family ride to the Mardi gras fountail on Lakeshore drive in New Orleans. (it was a cheap form of entertainment with at that time 6 kids) we even visited my grandparents and i had to show my grandfather my dress. I remember I was fully dressed even down to the panties. But again, to me it was just cloths. I ended up fighting Gary, it was a draw, and we did become friends. I may elaborate more later, but it is late and the mutt is wimpering, so i need to grab a gun and a flashlight check it out before I go to bed!
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many times i played out side with my girl friend then my wife dressed as a girl and never thougth any thing about it.<br />
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as we played in the backyard or the play house. and while i would have been allowed to dress her as a boy i never did as our rule was were picked out each others cloths each day other then work<br />
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i knew she never had a girl friend to play growning up as she was forced to be a boy in public

I want to thank you for sharing this important part of your early, but, I have to believe it did not end there, as you feel the need please share more of your story, you are among friends, that have had similar experiences, including myself. <br />

Gunny we all know you did it so you would be dressed admit it you love it.