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For Two Days

Ok Billie and Melodie here goes. yeah it was for 2 days. Ya see I was about 8 years old and this kid next door picked a fight. Well i woiuld not fight him, and my dad got pissed. He said he didn't want a sissy for a son. so he dressed me in my older sisters clothes. We were the same size (51 weeks apart ) I remember it didn't really phase me, to me they were just cloths. we went form a family ride to the Mardi gras fountail on Lakeshore drive in New Orleans. (it was a cheap form of entertainment with at that time 6 kids) we even visited my grandparents and i had to show my grandfather my dress. I remember I was fully dressed even down to the panties. But again, to me it was just cloths. I ended up fighting Gary, it was a draw, and we did become friends. I may elaborate more later, but it is late and the mutt is wimpering, so i need to grab a gun and a flashlight check it out before I go to bed!
gunrunner456 gunrunner456 51-55, M 4 Responses Jul 7, 2011

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many times i played out side with my girl friend then my wife dressed as a girl and never thougth any thing about it.<br />
<br />
as we played in the backyard or the play house. and while i would have been allowed to dress her as a boy i never did as our rule was were picked out each others cloths each day other then work<br />
<br />
i knew she never had a girl friend to play growning up as she was forced to be a boy in public

I want to thank you for sharing this important part of your early, but, I have to believe it did not end there, as you feel the need please share more of your story, you are among friends, that have had similar experiences, including myself. <br />

Gunny we all know you did it so you would be dressed admit it you love it.

Gunrunner's father gave him a message that simply proves what I've been saying for some time. In order to humiliate him, his father put him in female clothes. The message? Males are superior to females. Women can wear suits with pants and we talk about them wearing a "power suit." If a man wears a dress or skirt, we call him weak, sissy, pervert. Little girls could play with boy toys and we called them tomboys. If a little boy plays with dolls, he's a sissy. The message is that males are better than females. Women's lib hasn't really accomplished a lot, and we cd's are still in the closet. Maybe if we started dressing our little boys in dresses this stigma would pass in two generations. Hugs, Angie