I Like Wearing My Sisters Panties And Clothes

On some weekends when my parents are not home I usually steal a pair of my sisters panties an bras and dress up as a girl. This all started one summer when I was 12. I was used to seeing my sisters underwear around the house by now so I became curious of how they felt like so u tried them on. Instantly I loved the tight feeling on lace on my skin. I then found a bra and some lace stalkings that attached to the panties. I had never had this feeling before in my life. I just felt comfortable that way. I had looked at some pictures of transvestites and some cross dressers but I didn't feel that's what I was like. I felt like I was justdojng it for pure fun and enjoyment rather then a lifestyle. There was nothing wrong with that so I carried on. I reliezed I had a sheer resemblance to my sister and with a wig and makeup I could look just like her. This went on for a while. I was at the point to wear it was more comfortable to swim in a bakini then a normal guy swim suit. I would sneak in my sisters swimsuits and go swimming late at night alone. Although I am completely straight and was only attracted to woman it's the main reason I liked dressing like this bc it made me feel like a girl. I share a bathroom with my sister and she always leaves her clothes on the ground so it makes it an easy dress for me. I would find myself stop using my own shampoo's and body wash and started using my sisters sweet fragrances instead to make me smell like I'm in a different life. I always found myself putting on her new prom dress or cheer leading outfit and would tape my ***** back so no one could even tell. (by the way I would always be really horny while I did this) I love the soft sleek feeling of sleeping jn woman's underwear. I makes me feel way more comfortable then dressing like a guy. If you met me you would never think I would do this but honestly I enjoy it and the feelings of intamite feminine feelings it brings to me. I'll post another story about some of my experiences in more detail but this is just an overview of how I became the person I am today :)
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How do you think your sister would respond to it.. Maybe tell her.

I wish I were you.

I am wearing my sisters panties but a bra everybody would notice.
Please help.

I wear my panties

even i wear mine

I need advice on how to look sexy in girls clothing

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You should tell your sister and ask her to help you become a girl. Sister's are always more willing to accept their brother wearing their clothes.

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Great experience for a boy!

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Im a 16 year old boy and i am bisexual, ive started wearing my sisters clothes when i was 12, i wish i could be a girl but my family would be discussed by me and wont talk to me, so i havent came out to them yet, ive came out to my school. but other than that i just took a pair of m sisters under ware the night im posting this so yes i do think it is normal to have a deep feminine side, but really go buy some i did its not that embarrassing , they dont even care lol

Well if your out to your school, it wont be long till someone tells your family.

Talk to your family about it

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It is wonderful I think that you discovered your soft feminine side through your sisters underwear, swimsuits, prom dress and sweet scented fragrances and shampoos. It is fabulous that through these experiences you have identified the person that you are today. Your story is not an uncommon story. I discovered my soft feminine side through my sisters soft silky nylon lingerie, her lovely silky dresses and gorgeous skirts and silky sheer stockings. Like you I am a straight guy but I love all things feminine and enjoy being the woman inside me by dressing up femininely. Thank you for sharing your great story.

I was beginning to think I was gay, until I saw your posting, THANKS thought I was the only one who wasent gay but still likes to dress like a woman :D

Just don't get caught by your family ok!
Terri b

i wont

Just don't get caught! Your family may not understand?It's best to buy and wear your own female clothing.I buy then at thrift stores and everything.Anyone questions you say politlyI'm buying a gift for my sister's birthday
Next either tell your family or you'll wish you never got caught.Best thing find somewhere to cross dress away from your own home with your OWN female CLOTHES untill you move away.


That might not be psychologically healthy doing

Honestly im Bisexual and I LOVE dressing in female clothes, to a point im willing to go to a clothes store and lie its my sisters birthday so I can buy leggings and panties and what not. (I don't have a sister though)

i say im buying it for my gf lol

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I am also a crossdresser

Same I love wearing my sisters panties

It's perfectly normal for a guy to like wearing girls clothes. It's a WHOLE lot of different feeling and so comfortable. Btw this sounds EXACTLY like my story LOL.

Hi there i would love to chat to you if you have the time and inclination, send me a message

hiii to all.... i want ask if anyone do sex with sister's and try that and i want try that too..thank u

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I did


I used to do the same with my sister's underwear I steal them and put them on and ********** on them the I dipose them away it normal feeling because I love my sister

I used do same like you ,but I used to steal my sister's underwear and ********** on them after I put them on it really make me horny though I loved doing that ,but she didn't notice that I'm who did this , her cabinet now has very few panties and bras because I used to dispose them them after pleasuring myself , I did this because I really live my sister but she has no idea I'm 23 and she's almost 26 I think is's normal feeling my friend just enjoy your life.

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wonderful wonderful life you must lead

Congratulations Sistersboy. Your story mirrors my own largely. My sister was unwittingly instrumental originally in me pursuing a transgender indentity to compliment my everyday public and professional masculine life persona. The transformation and the experience of dressing femininely and sensuously as a female is the best thing i ever did.<br />
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Great story. Thank you for sharing it. I hope you continue to enjoy your dressing up.<br />
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Cheers,<br />
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