Ive Only Started

Yesterday after school i wen into my mums room and tried of her knickers and bra and stuffed the bra with socks, then i put on one of her dresses and it felt amazing! It made me soo horny! I did the same today with my sisters clothes but i dont know what to wear? Im not the best at picking out clothes? Can someone help me to pick some nice ones or to tell me if theres anything else i should try and wear? I really want to wear stockings but cant find any:)
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4 Responses Nov 27, 2012

we should chat sweetie

Go shopping that's the place where you can find what you want! I started shopping for myself at 10 years old. Good luck! Call me for a chat when you want to! FONO!

add me and then we can chat about what will look better on you babe

Putting on a dress or any other item of female clothing does not make you gay or make you a girl anymore than standing in a burger bar makes you a burger! My advice is to wear what you feel you want to wear. However, if you want to pass as a girl that is a different matter. You need to wear what real girls wear and that is only the start. Acting like a girl takes a lot of effort and time to perfect. Some of us have spent years doing it and never forget the trhill of our first time. I hope you enjoy your dressing and come to accept is as many of us here do. I have been doing it for years and love it. Go well and enjoy your experiences. Best wishes to you.