one of my favorite things about wearing my sisters clothes is to wear her dress shoes. She's got some heels, a a few pairs of flats, and one really cute mary jane black shiney leather. They make me feel really good to wear them. Sigh.
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You should buy yourself some girls/ladies shoes to wear when ever you like.

I loved wearing my sisters shoes while growing up. Especially their high heels. I can still fit in two of my sister's shoes and sometimes try them on. I have my own high heels and wear them when ever I want.

I have 1 4 year old sister so I I'm quiet close with my girl cousin who is fifteen she paintes my nails and dresses me

it's nice to have somebody to help you dress up.

All I got is a very manly brother and father and a no stylish mom that just wears tennis shoes and jeans and shirt I only wish I had a sis then we could of had a great time though life

Yeah I was sooooo lucky to have my sister, it was so beautiful to wear her clothes, they fit me perfit. I was very carefull not to sweat and my nauhty penis not to ***** over them. Her shoes were fantastic and one pair indeed like yours Mary Jane, WOW !! I was lucky that she was away for vacation for a WEEK !!. During that time I had lot of freedom and worn nearly all her wonderful dresses, skirts and underwears, not easy to remember to put them back as they were!!!! I did really wanted to go out but too early, best to be safe and that I'll have to buy my own girly clothes and make up later. it is soooo lovely and comfortable especially wearing Mary Jane shoes that go with young girl dresses. Beeeauuuutiful to be girl. xxx

It's sweet. I know how you feel about it. I'm lucky cause my sister knows (she's the only one that does), and supports me.