Nearly each weekend my sister joins me in a full feminine dress up. We spend Saturday together and dress up in the prettiest silkiest loveliest nylon lingerie including beautiful bras, pretty panties and nylon and lace slips, and both of us either wear a pretty dress or perhaps a gorgeous satin long sleeve button through blouse and a lovely sensual skirt. Silky sheer glossy thigh high stockings and heels complete our dress up. The feeling is heavenly. We then sit around together and chat and enjoy afternoon tea. This is a truly wonderful opportunity for me to openly share my love of dressing up femininely with a female and I am ever thankful it is with my understanding, accepting, supportive and enlightened sister. Enlightened insofar as she fully appreciates I have a soft feminine side and that I not only love to dress up femininely but I need to do so instead of either suppressing it or doing it secretively. She realizes far greater enjoyment and satisfaction will be derived by me if she shares in it with me and supports me like she does. As a consequence, the usual sometimes painful anxiety that can at times overwhelm you if you are forced to do it secretively or worse still for some reason, are prevented entirely from dressing up, is thus eliminated. Her reward is that she loves dressing up very femininely for the occasion also and she gets tremendous satisfaction seeing me doing something I love and enjoying it with her. She knows she contributes to my enjoyment and feels it is more meaningful for me sharing it with her. She is so right.
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What a beautiful relationship you two share!!

Thank you Candicegirl. Yes indeed it is. She is my pride and joy enabling my feminine side to be confidently enacted, inspired and shared with her. It is beautifully rewarding.

Oooh I luv that too. My sister always visits me once a year and she brings lingerie and a few new dresses with her for me to play in.

You have a wonderful thoughtful caring sister bobbylee. How fabulous for you. My sister has been wonderful assisting, supporting, and importantly accepting my feminine side and desire to dress femininely. There is nothing more important to me than dressing up with her and enjoying the time together. We both love it.

She should take you for a girls night out

cdbttm4top we go out together regularly and have visited several lesbian bars. We stick to ourselves largely and try to look a little inconspicuous for my sake. No dramas so far. We go to the bar where we are comfortable and as my sister knows the head security guy our admission is assured though he expects us/me to keep a very low profile. I still get a huge thrill being dressed as a woman amongst women.

Do you do anything else while your dressed or is that it.

That's it i'm afraid bobbylee111.

You have an awesome sister, dear! Of course it makes it easier for your sister to know what to get you for those special days where a gift is appropriate; like you birthday.

Thank you tghubby. It certainly does. Incredibly on my birthday or at Christmas she always buys me gifts consisting of lovely lingerie, or a skirt, dress, blouse, tops, shoes, stockings or feminine accoutrements. She knows they are the gifts I love which add to my feminine wardrobe repertoire.