My Neighbour Transform Me From Boy To Girl

one day when my parents were not at i was alone at home . I was just 11 years old when the event took place . There is a girl in front of my house who is my neighbour . I used to play with her usualy we used to play the same game every time but we were thinking different type of game and i call her to my house . I told her let's play game but today ther should be new things in game . We began to think for sometime and she told i have find the game but i have some demand regarding it , then i was thinking what will be the game what will be the demand and i said yes to her . She replied again are u sure you will accept my demand (order) . I again say , yes ofcourse i will obay you order and i promish to her i will obay . She again told that i can't say no while playing the game . I replied ok , then she laugh and say it is going to be fun . She also told me that this game name is boy change into girl fully . I became afraid when i heard the game name . Then she went to her house and bought a pair of dress , pink shoes , panties , bra , and skirt etc . She told me as the demand you have to wear all this stuff. She help me wearing the stuff and apply some make up on me . After changing from boy to girl she ordered me i have to act and be like a little girl for whole day . She fully transform me and played with me for whole day.
as the game was different but i enjoy alot while playing with her in that day i feel realy like i was girl not a boy and as she is my friend she kept that seceret she didn't tell this to any one.
trishant trishant 13-15 11 Responses Nov 21, 2011

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I wish I would have this type of neighbor.

that is fantastic what a special friend you have i hope you can play as a girl again

lucky little sissy what type of panties did you wear and what was your hair like

I also had a similar experience but my mom had dressed me as a girl as a punishment!!!


what a great friend and a great oppertunity

very nice but tody do you still drees up like a girl

ya i do i love to wear my mother saree and other things . it always attract me some how . and what about u ?

wish i had friends like her!!

you were lucky to be choosen, I hope you she did this again and again

this is a great story, I wish it happened to me <br />
<br />
if the boy and girl started to get the boy into the dress by about 9 and he didn't get out of it until 5pm ish- that would be a long time to be in a dress, make up- that would be very good

thanks and i think your wish will be granted

good to hear- it rained here most of yesterday and its still soaked outside- so probs another quiet day at home- if it were my children they would spend the day in a dress, pantie hoes, although I may well continue to wear a j-string and pantie hoes, maybe a bra, I probs wont spend the day in a dress

When did you get to wear the dress to school as in the group title. or did this occur at school. My niece did this to a boy at school. She took all his boys clothing and redressed him in panties, camisole and a dress. He remained that way all day and walked home with her.