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Fantasy Girl

Every since I was 9 yrs old I wanted to swap bodies with a girl. I love everything that girls wear and love being treated like a girl when I crossdress. I have always wondered what it would be like to be a girl for a while. I would love to swap bodies with a real attractive girl for 1 day and live as a girl. I want to have sex as a girl. You know, suck ****, get ***** ****** and have *** shot on my face and ****, *** ****** and ***** ******. I want it all if I could switch places with a girl. Even if it were for only 1 day, at least I would know what it would be like to live life as a real girl and not a fantasy. Wish there was a way science could provide a way to swap bodies so that I can live out a fantasy that I have had for a very long time.
BarbieB BarbieB 56-60, M 46 Responses Aug 20, 2010

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I want to swap with my older sister so one I can be a girl for the rest my life 2 because I am 5 and she's 13 so she always bosses me around 3 I could mess with her body I front of her 4 she said to me she would faint if she woke up and lost her Brest and instead had a penis and balls for the rest of her life, finally (I like her boobs and I want them so bad)

One more thing maybe not for the rest of my life but for a year
That way I can mess up her life so badly

Also there is this girl in my class that everyone loves, so I would switch with her so I could date her when she in my body so we could be together. Oh and I would not change back.(because I just LOVE those boobs)

I hear what your saying but I would want it for the rest of my life.To be a complete female is better than being a wanna be.

With the changes that are coming to the Earth and humanity soon we all very well might be able to create the bodies of our dreams. It is going to be a wild ride I can't wait. : )

You have a like mind as Me

I would like that too, but since it can't happen, I did the next best thing. I have transitioned and now live happily as a woman full time

Yes that would be nice but once done we would not want to go back as male

It would be nice to try for a day. I would try to live out as many of my fanaticise as I could, wearing everything I have every wanted to, going shopping, hanging out with the boys, being seduced by a boy and just having a great time at pleasing him

Well i wear a 38c bra daily to hold my own breast that are growing

Barbie, being a girl is not all about having sex, at least for me. For me being a girl is a thrill. I love the clothes and experiences with others I have as a girl. I try to live life as normal as can be as a girl, because sex is only a small part of it. I too have fantisized what it would be like to have sex as a woman, but I can't and I will never be able to do that, simply because I am not willing to go as far as a sex change. I like being a man dressing as a woman. I would be willing to take hormones if the right opportunity came around, but it doesn't look like that will happen anytime soon either. Nevertheless, I just wanted to share what I thought.<br />
Right now my biggest concern is wanting to buy a pair of womens to the knee boots and where to put them once I get them?!

HEAR HEAR,I hear everybody say.

I have had that dream many times sweetie so I know what you feel. Wouldn't it be so wonderfull if that could happen.

I have aways thought that I am a female with male plumbling and raised as a male...sheez...oh how I also have always wanted to have female plumbing...I think thats about all I am missing...but I do love fem, sissy, panty people with male plumbing....hugs kisses and more

If it would hapend , i'll sign right now.

I would love to do the same! Maybe we could hop into the "Flux capasitor" together and do it as a team. I'll be your wingman and do a quick change!! I would love to be the first to tast your sweet *****!! *Winks and slurps!! MMMM imagining kissing that cliity until it gets so firm on my tongue...then... you gush your warm *** all over my face!!<br />
Love you darling!!<br />

Barbie hun, if that' s you in the pic you claim to represent you do not need to be a girl because you already are a girl or better looking & more feminine than most girls I see or ever have seen. Is that your pic or not??? I gots to know.....I gots to know...

I feel the same

I have never had a desire to swap bodies but I sure love wearing silky panties and lingerie.

Exactly -- I posted this in another place. <br />
<br />
Back when I was 12 years old and started jacking -- about 1967, I had repeat fantasies about being able to switch body parts via some sort of magic.<br />
<br />
I could switch both myself and others: a man with yummy ****, a woman with a ****, change all the way half and half -- endless possibilities. <br />
<br />
Adding a bit -- yes -- imagine being with a coupleof people male and female - the girls could switch into guys, the guys into girls; or if you're just with guy friends -- you could take turns in male and female form to **** each other.<br />
<br />
I did do crossdressing at this time -- borrowed my mom's stockings and her garter belt often. I'd dress in them, look at my reflection in a mirror and turn myself on as if I was looking at female legs.<br />
<br />
Today, I when I ********** so many times I start out by thinking, "If I were a girl, I'd . . ."

I would be second in line for a 1 day swap with a hot girl!!!

what a great story barbie so honest you are a great person :-)

yes yes me to please i have always wanted this to but not just for one day forever i want to become a girl and than stay this way for good please being a girl is the best and i wish to be a girl please i'm tired of being male and want to be female! and then to do everhting that girls do yes please wear cut e pretty clohs and even to get pregant and have babies just lie girls are suppose to do yes i want to be everh thing that is a girl please at last i would finally be female!

I feel the exact same way. Would love to be able to trade bodies with a sexy woman and live life that way. Men pursuing me, buying sexy clothes and shoes and having the world at my fingertips. I would love to have beautifull breasts and and legs the men couldn't take their eyes off of. I would love to be a woman that everybody couldn't take their eyes off of and all the men wanted desperately. What a dream life. To feel like and be a sexy woman would be a wish come true.

yes it would be nice to switch for day very nice<br />
i love panties wear them all the time <br />
******* off welli cant do that no mor since im in chastity<br />
but being in chastity makes me feel so much like a girl i get otsuck **** an get ****

it would be so nice to be real girl for day or few days all the clohtes panites just so long i dnt have to have PM periods

I'm the same way as Em, I could never give the body back. They also may not want it back after what I would probably do with it.

I love being a girl and love femminine clothes, You guys would love it for a day and even a week, but you dont realise the hard work it takes to keep the hot chick look. You're too lazy and probably too fat, all you would want to do is wear the clothes, just be happy with crossdressing and give up the idea of being a real girl.

Annette27, you are probably right but oh I would love to try to be a woman. I would exercise and learn to apply my makeup and deal with the monthlies. Everything, even the ******* males that think they are better than women. They are not and will never hold a candle to the female!

i love being the girl in the bed room the guy i used to see like me to dress up but i dont go all out just panties stockings and a dress let him get me naked but i do wonder how sex would be if i got the chance would feeling the guy climax be differant or what i know i can get off now with a guy inside me and he never has to touch me just make love too me

I would love to change for a day once in a while!!

If you were a girl could I be your sister we could tag team every guy in town, only problem with that once a guy shoots he leaves. Thanks for befriending me Hugs Bobie

It would be great to swap bodies that way. I finally got my wish and BECAME a girl for real five years ago. Best money ever spent. I had the choice of the Big Op or college and I chose the Big Op. DUH! No contest. Much better this way. I could not even think of spending my life male. Hell no. I am ooooo luv'n being a girl.