My Sisters' Dresses

When I was around 9 years old (1961) every Sunday myself & my two older sisters (11 & 14) would go to Sunday School and afterwards we would have our bath. My sisters would bathe first then i would. They would drop their pretty frilly dresses, petticoats and panties on the bathroom floor and I would spend most of my time in the bathroom dressing up in them and playing. I loved Sundays.
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Thanks for your story MsLettle. I have only 1 older sister and I share your joy, though I wore dresses as I have little things nice to have, mum cared less for me. My sis have beautiful dresses, panties, hats etc, Mum knew secretly that I love those dresses. My sis saw me one day in her school dress and she has me dressed up in her debutante gown with full makeup, shoes and all, Mum didn't know as she took me to her best friend place. I am honestly grateful for that, she did care and still do.

I would have loved being dressed up by my sister in her ball gown, the kind with large petticoats that rustled and the need to gather the front of the dress to be able to walk. When sitting down in that gown you would feel like you are surrounded by fluffy, silky pillows.

I used to love being home all alone for hours, I would wear my mothers slips, panties, and work dresses...

nice story

like the story started with my 2 sisters clothes myself!

Have to agree its great having older sisters.

thank God for older sisters. i'm with you on that. Those first times were the best