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My mother had a brain tumor. 2 doctors both from different hospital told me my mom had 6 months to live and if i decided to have her operated she'll have additional 6 months to live and the operation is 50-50, since she is 60 years old the risk is higher. Both doctors told me that looking at the MRI it is most likely malignant. however they said doctors can only predict but they are not always 100% sure until a biopsy will be conducted. however, in order to get the biopsy an operation shall be done which again they said is life threatening. The only positive thing if i choose to have my mom operated is "she'll have an extra 6 months to live" and probably it will tell if the tumor is benign or malignant.(which both doctors told me it is most likely malignant). One of the two doctor is a relative. she advised me to just let my mom enjoy the 6 months of her life than do the operation which she can die during the procedure or she can survive the operation and will add another 6 months to her life but there are side effects such us: memories gone, ability to talk and walk. and ability to understand. so, just imagine the options their giving me!!! I went to another doctor for a third opinion. During our talk i knew she was the right doctor from the moment she told me with the technology right now it is hard to predict one's life.To keep the long story short i had my mom operated and the operation was a success , the doctor was able to take out the tumor(size of a tennis ball) and the tumor was benign. Pray hard trust him and he will do the rest.
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My mother also got the same experaince but the difference that her tumiur is confirmed to be malignant as biopsy was done