The Cancer Is Back For the Second Try

ten years ago i had the cancer on my right breast had the breast removed went through the chemo and radiation. lost my hair grew my hair back and went through it all .  i could not give advice because it just didnt seem that bad  it was a shock   but its back in the other breast and had to go through the chemo and the radiation again . this time i lost my confidence  cant seem to bounce back again.  when thngs hit me they hit me hard and all the people around me dont seem to be able to help because i have to help myself  i dont want to feel sorry for myself but nothing gives me happiness except for my granddaughter and she is growing up and not needing me around anymore .i get such joy when i am with her. i guess its to see things through her eyes makes me happy

maryannezeug maryannezeug
Feb 13, 2009