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I was one of those women who said that I would never be a stay at home mom, I'll never let my baby sleep in the bed, and now here I am- a breastfeeding, cosleeping, baby wearing, stay at home mom! 

Once I became pregnant my husband insisted that I stay at home if only part time.  The idea grew on me and then I got to the point where I couldn't bear the thought of someone else caring for my child. 

I am so happy I changed my mind.  I had always planned on breastfeeding, but for only six months-now I believe in Child Led Weaning.  I love the closeness to her that breastfeeding gives me.  I love to watch her when she eats and know that I, alone, am giving her nourishment. 

As for cosleeping, that came about with post pardum!  I could not (and still can't) sleep without touching her. I can not sleep without feeling the warmth of my child beside me.  I often say that I get to sleep between my two favorite people in the world!

I take great satisfaction in knowing that the decisions I am making in caring for my child are giving her all that she needs in order to be a well adjusted, independent woman.

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I thank u v much , my dear mom.I wd like to share some if u allow me out of thy sacred maternal love et service too.ot.oo.om

Three girls here too. They all slept with us until the next one came along. The baby is 8 months and we don't plan on having any more. She self weened at 6 months but I too love the cuddle time she starts out in her own bed now but middle of the night she makes her way in our bed. Just last night the oldest made her way in our bed too. Then the middle but no room left so I went to her room and cuddled with her for the rest of the night. The oldest said "I got to sleep with daddy and baby!" Middle said "Mommy slept in MY bed!" They both felt special. Time goes way too fast and soon the day will be here when they won't want to cuddle with us. I'll take it while I can get it.

THanks for all the sweet comments! Since I wrote this little story, I have had 2 more little girls:) So, my oldest is 4 and my youngest is 1&1/2. Still co-sleeping with my youngest and still nursing. Practiced Baby Led Solids with the two youngest. It was very rewarding and I believe it gave them a sense of independence to feed themselves instead of being fed babyfood. Being a Mommy is the best job ever and has given me a joy I never could have imagined:) God Bless!

You sound like such a loving woman and mom. mmmm

Its amaising how much your views on parenting change when you become a mum. I totally know where you are coming from, but unfortunately I still work full time - but I manage to still breastfeed and co-sleep with my babe at 20 months and I plan on continuing until she wants to!<br />
<br />
I recently did a post on my transistion to co-sleeping on my new blog - you can find it by going to www.nurturingcareermama.wordpress.com

you go gurl!!

what a beautiful bebe! Your a great mommy! There is one thing about being so close to your child, It builds Great self confidence in them. <br />
I still co-sleep when they want to. I will never say no!<br />
I nursed both of my tots until they didn't want to.<br />
my oldest, now 5, stopped at 6months, This was like PPD x 10!!! <br />
It tore me to pieces that she didn't "want" me anymore.But we survived. <br />
My youngest, now 2yrs. nursed until 1yr.<br />
My oldest I took off the first year. My second I went back when he was 10 days old. (Financial reasons).<br />
I miss those middle of the night bonding times. It goes by TOO fast!!!<br />
But I know the choices were right for me too.<br />
SO keep it the good work. You won't ever have any regrets. She's a doll.