Jayce Mcmillan Unsafe Co-sleeping Organization Press Release Xxx Love & Light Xx


On 29.5.2011 Jayce Michael McMillan was born – a beautiful precious baby boy. Bec, Craig and brother Jaiden were in love with their “little man”.

On 21.8.2011 Bec, like many mothers took Jayce into bed with her for a feed and nodded off to sleep. The unthinkable happened – Bec rolled onto Jayce and suffocated him.

Craig performed CPR and brought him back with Bec and grandparents watching on in horror. Jayce was taken to Brisbane's Children's hospital ICU by air ambulance and put onto life support. He had his loving family and Becs closest friends around him day & night for two days, untill Bec & Craig were informed that Jayce was brain dead. Bec & Craig then decided to turn off life support and little Jayce died in Becs arms.

During those few days at the hospital nurses and a few different doctors told Bec that this type of co-sleeping accident is distressingly common – that such deaths are often put down to SIDS and that the research and statistics are there to prove it.

Bec, Craig, family and friends were grief-stricken and shocked – many of them had not known, and had in fact thought that co-sleeping with your baby was a loving and safe thing to do. Sadly – so sadly – they now know that it not the case – co-sleeping is just not safe!

Bec was galvanized into action. During the days after Jayce’s accident, Bec had been supported by an increasingly large group of people on Facebook, so Bec started an informal memorial page for Jayce with the intention of telling people her tragic story and ensuring that parents know that co-sleeping can end in heartbreak and tragedy. Bec also wants to stress that this is not just about what happened to her.. its about all the other things that go wrong in the adult bed and cause our precious babies to die..

The Facebook page now has nearly 3000 “friends” many of whom are posting the message on their own pages and getting the message out there as quickly and effectively as possible: “Co-sleeping is unsafe – just don’t do it”.

Bec and a group of friends and strangers have now become more organized: Jayce McMillan Unsafe Co-sleeping Awareness Incorporated is now actively working towards preventing avoidable co-sleeping deaths. Our aim is to ensure that no other family suffers the same grief and suffering that Bec and her family are going through. The objectives of the Association are:

To help educate parents and raise awareness on the dangers of co-sleeping

To have information flyers in all hospitals ,medical and woman's centers.

To provide current statistics on co-sleeping accidents

To support family's that have lost their child from co-sleeping

To make public speeches with stories and information on co-sleeping accidents and how they can be prevented.

To raise funds for our non-profit organization with charity events

We are determined that the message will reach all future mothers and fathers of new or small babies. When thinking about whether to take their baby to bed with them or not, we want all mothers and fathers to know that co-sleeping is unsafe and a silent killer that needs to be addressed seriously. The adult bed is for adults not babies.

Love & Light xx

My Pain will help all these other family's keep smiling with their babies safe & well xx Love & Light xx
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Nov 19, 2011