I'm Still Breastfeeding

My son is almost 17 months and I am still breastfeeding him. I enjoy it and I don't ever plan on weaning him. I want him to do it as long as he wants and one of my online friends asks me "even when he is in his teens" and I always say "hopefully he will be done by then."

I don't do it out in public anymore because he doesn't nurse that often anymore. He does it on average twice a day, sometimes more. I also co sleep with him. He sleeps in his crib but lately he has been with me because I breast feed him when I lie down. He also nurses before he takes a nap and it puts him to sleep. Sometimes I do it as we are both taking a bath. He will crawl into my lap now to nurse and I still have to lift my shirt up for him because he doesn't do that yet.

Update (7/20/12): My son is officially weaned. He weaned himself off them while he had been away from us for a month. Now he won't take the boob and he just kisses them when I would try and offer him it.

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you are lucky he doesnt lift your shirt! my 18 m.o. daughter has left me black and blue and scratched and pinched!!! (ok, i have to trim her nails more) but goodness! these r hers! i have to wrestle with her in public if she gets tired... num num? she asks while showing wal mart my belly as i pull shirt back down and say either not now or take her to the bathroom depending on her mood.<br />
<br />
kudos though. although i love the bond, nutrition, ease, etc etc... i juuuuust might start to wean at 2. she needs to eat food, and now only eats breads and soy yogurt and soymilk. no fruits, veggies or applesauce! a toddler?

I'm still nursing my baby girl who will be three soon. Maybe 2 times a day, more if she is cranky or tired. It's a bond we share and I have thought about weaning her, but hate turning her away or hurting her feelings. We nurse in our rocker or in bed.

More power to you! If it were me, and sadly it is not, I would do it as long as she wanted. Why force her? Precious time together. Enjoy life!

No need to weaning her... let her enjoy the bond as long as she wants ;)

Enjoy it while you can!