Breastfed Four Children

I have four children ages ten, eight, four and three.  I breastfed and co-slept with all of them though currently they are all weaned and sleep by themselves.   I breastfed my first for three and half years and tandem nursed him and his brother for one and a half years.  I weaned him and nursed his brother for another six months for a total of two years.  I breastfed my third son for fifteen months until my milk dried up due to pregnancy and he weaned himself.  I then breastfed my daughter for two years.  The first two slept in bed with me for at least three years.  The younger two slept with me for six months each.  I am a firm believer in extended breastfeeding and co-sleeping.  I also am against routine infant circumcision.

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Way to go, girlfriend! I, too, am a co-sleeping mama. I feel that kids who sleep with their parents feel secure that their parents are with them and they are not alone in a separate room.

My mom didn't even Brest feed me. Only my sister. So mean.

Are you still lactating milk? If so could I drink your breast milk

So loving parents. Wish I could had experienced this love

I breastfed my daughter until she was three and although she wanted to go longer, I had to wean her to return to work full time. It was a glorious experience and I wouldn't have traded my time with her for the world. She is quite outgoing and confident now at six and attached to me. Very concerned about her world and feels safe within it.