My son is so funny. He likes to lift my shirt and then show me all the things he can do with my boobs. He puts his head on my boob and tilts his head up and looks at me and says "Look, I have one eye!" He also blows on it and says, "Look, I can make it cold!" Another innocent thing he does is this: He push my boobs together with his hands and say, "Look, I built a mountain!"

Ahhh...the innocence of childhood! I love it! I hope more women post innocent things that breastfed/co-sleeping children do.

Another thing that I get a kick out of is watching him spin around in bed. I will put him on the bed and about an hour later he will have spun around and his feet will be in my face.

Other times, he will fall asleep on top of my chest and I will wake up from the heaviness of his body. I always take in the "love of the moment". By this I mean that I listen to his breath as he breathes on top of me. I watch as my chest goes up and down while he moves up in down in sequence with my own body.

I love the bonding experience that I have with my son.
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A wonderful mom.....

that is kind of adorable

What a wonderful Mom you are.. I think it is great that you allow him to play with your breasts as he wishes..