I Am a Bride

i have always wanted to have 'my party'  I guess my idea of my wedding was colorful and homey feeling with good friends and drinks.  then i had 2 weeks to find a dress and tell people and well i got married 2 weeks later on new years eve (the day we met) but we ( I) are still planning my big party with bridemaids and friends. i just want it to be a good time. but i thought that bridesmaids were suppose to be there to support me when i started to freak out about the bridal planning process... so why do i feel like a big punching bag. all 6 of my bridemaids are stressing about money issues (and they make either the same or more than i do) i feel like they all trying to back out.  at any rate i am making all most everthing - centerpieces, invites, candles, strains of white twinkle lights with tulle and fall leaves - almost everything i tell you.  i got my dj today. i have 108 days left.

siptimber siptimber
26-30, F
Jun 6, 2007