Scarlet Walls: A Poem About Anti-bronies

Here's a poem I wrote about Anti-Bronies titled:

Scarlet Walls
Sleeping soundly as light blooms
Peeking out from the horizon line
While warmth engulfs our rooms
Breathing deep, our magic shines

Beheld by one of not our kind
A type of toxic atmosphere
Grasping collections of their life
The insecurity so sheer

The moment brightness fades
We're armed with hearts in hand
Bring on the whole brigades
Our feet are in cement,
Permanently, we stand

Writing in the final vision
A contradiction lies within
Sick like a broken down religion
Before it could even begin

Pity is not what I should feel
For this situation call for none
Their lives are anything but real
Illusions make up what they've won

Make believe a voice of reason
The scarlet walls around you fall
To love a barrier is treason
Why love anything at all?

Originality exists nowhere around
Along with tolerance and love
Their territory isn't worth their ground
Step aside to witness what we're free of ♥
SnowAngelSilver SnowAngelSilver
Sep 16, 2012