Not Everyone With A Twilight Keychain Knows About FIM.

Long story short. I was in the pub with a few work friends (male and female and all under 26) it was a leaving doo for friend who was leaving to go teach English in Europe. The night goes on and I look over and see a Twilight keychain hanging off a female friends keychain. I lean over and casually remark "Fluttershy is best pony". To which she replies "what are you talking about?". I mention her Twilight keychain and the show and that my favourite is Fluttershy.
This is where I find out that she likes gen1 MLP and has no idea who the mane 6 are. "wait! you like my little pony?" she asks. At this point the rest of the group over hears and ads comments of "whats mlp?" and one of my friends asks "are you a brony?" To which I reply "Are you suprised?" To be answered with a "point taken". A few shrugs and a few friendly jibes and the rest of the night goes ahead as normal.

All in all. Things went better than expected.
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I was expecting a worse outcome. Good for you! /)