Any bronies/pegasisters out there?
Who/what is your favourite:
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Rarity *,*


Suited for success

Pinke's smile song

No more needs to be said

-big macintosh "yeeup!"
-definitely scootaloo for me too!
-the first episode introducing Zecora (that episode got a little deep with the reaction overtones!) and also Zecora is awesome!
-Raise this barn during the applejack family reunion episode.

Twilight is adorable. (I liked her more in the first season, due to her sarcasm) Second up would be either Tavi or Luna.

As for the CMC... Scootaloo.

Best episode has gotta be S2 E25-26, a canterlot wedding. Gotta love that aria. xD

Well, cannon/in the show: This Day Aria.
Outside of the show/fanmade: Lullaby for a princess. Learning it on piano right now.

What about you?

I prefer pinkie and rarity
And I love Applebloom for CMC she's so funny
I can't chose between 'pinkie pride' or 'art of the dress' purely for character development
In the show: what my cutie mark is telling me
Out of the show: either lullaby for a princess or awkwardmariana's anthropology

Cheers for anthropology. Love that song