Yes, I am a brony. I have always loved Lauren Faust's cartoon productions, and found this latest cartoon adventure was not only a fantastic TV show, but it was also deeper and more serious in it's own way than a usual kids show. The main topics are about how we relate to each other socially and emotionally. It's about how awesome it is to be you, whoever you happen to be, and that it's ok to be that. The core values of love and tolerance, bound by friendship, are central to everything these pony characters stand for. When added to the amazing style and humor we have come to expect from Lauren's creative team, and wonderful cast of actors and animators this production is truly something special in today's programing. I also appreciate the love she gives directly back to her fans. Derpy is a case in point, and incidentally my hero. Best show ever!
MrLaidBack MrLaidBack
36-40, M
Aug 18, 2014