I Tried Being a Blonde...

...And it just didn't work for me! I look at it this way, people THINK others like blondes more...but I truly think that men (and women!) prefer brunettes. It's just more exotic looking. I will NEVER go back to being a blonde simply because I was blessed with uniquely brunette features, such as my skin tone and eye color.

Brunettes have it all when it comes to looks: brown hair is sexy AND studious. Serious and playful. I'm biased, but I think brunettes have it made. And not everyone can pull it: most can go blonde, but you've seen the natural blondes that have gone brunette like Cameron Diaz and Jessica Simpson: not really a pretty picture. But natural (light) Brunettes like Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera pull off blonde really well.

One of my FAVORITE things about being brunette? Being able to pull off my favorite color...green. Also, brunettes can wear way more intense makeup without it looking overly brash, since it isn't the only highly pigmented color they are sporting up top.

Proof that brunettes are just AMAZING? Here are who I think are the best looking brunettes. I'm a straight female, so I guess you could say these girls are like beauty role-models.

Natalie Portman!

Keira Knightley

Angelina Jolie

Johnny Depp <3

Jimmy Page

Eva Longoria

Jennifer Love Hewitt

Shakira (I like her best at light brunette with blonde highlights)


Although I think there are some very gorgeous natural blonde, like Kate Hudson...and my boyfriend. :) I guess I'm just VERY happy with what I have after trying blonde and red!


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7 Responses May 4, 2008

Whoever told you in your mind to be a blonde say to him/her to **** OFF!! oh! you did thats what change your mind ( I'm a donut sometimes) anyway be who you are never ever be down alright good.

I have blonde hair and blue eyes. 80% of American men do not prefer me. Therefore I declare any such study to be flawed & limited in scope.

my bf is crazy about blonde hair and I mean totally crazy! He loves all blondes, so hear I was with my brown hair........ feeling v.unattractive. So I got it made blonde at the hairdresser and he HATED it. So I think yr right, u have to go with what suits you and if your confident about yr looks then thats the best u can do.

I say it once again, hair color doesn't matter. It's the person who counts.

Hmm, well most of the males I have dated and know definently prefer brunettes. They have all dated solely brunettes, and when I died my hair blonde, everyone wanted it back to brown even though I looked good with it. My opinion on the matter is from my own personal experience.<br />
<br />
Also, where was this poll conducted? When did it take place? How many people were polled? Depending on the place and the number of people polled, I highly doubt that it is accurate. Unless they polled every man in the United States, there is a good chance that it is inaccurate. I have read in magazines and books, such as Cosmo and a book by Bobbi Brown that men prefer Brunettes. 60% in Cosmo, and I cannot remember the margin for the book. So, what do you say to that????????????????????? Obviously men do prefer brunettes! Also, look on askmen.com and see their top 99 women...the majority are brunettes!

but I don't think that hair color matters so much.

A study proved that 80% of american males said their dream woman is a blonde with blue eyes. I mean 80% common that is a huge number. So what do you say to that?????????????? Obviously men do prefer blondes.