When I Became a Buddhist

I am a buddhist but I started out if life as a Roman Catholic. I became a buddhist in the early 1990's upon hearing about the teachings. It was a natural fit!

Since that time I have walked the road of the eight fold path. I am a much more kind, compassionate and happy person because of that!

I still believe that Jesus walked on this earth. Unlike Budda who became enlightened while on earth, Jesus was born enlightened. I find that all religions...teachings....have truth in them. In finding the common thread in all belief systems, you find the truth.

That is how I feel right now.

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This an old story and discussion, but it's great, very interesting!<BR><br>Once, looking randomly through the bookstore, I found the first book Radiant talks about. It was an eye-opener. Despite the diferences among the religions, it's impressive how similar Jesus and Buddha 's teachings are, the way they lived, etc. I also liked how this Buddhist monk (the author of the book) has an altar with both Buddha and Jesus. Beautiful. I guess both of them must also be similar to the great ones of other religions (I intend to read more about this).<BR><br>Whether you're religious or not, if you try to live your life as they did, then you're on the right track.<BR><br>I have found so much food for thought in this thread! =)

I too find little conflict melding the path of Buddhism and Christianity.I often say I don't want to be known as a Christian because there is too much baggage that goes with the title these days.However, I would like to be known as Christ-like! I've found interesting books written by Rueben Habito who I believe is both a Christian and Zen priest.Thomas Merton is also an interesting read.I meditate daily and have been doing so since the 70's.I have been to India and went expressly to learn meditation. I've been exposed not only to these traditions, but Hindu and Sufi as well.I treasure truth wherever and whenever I find it!Hope to hear more about all your experiences.

I too believe in both ways of life. I consider myself a Christian and see nothing wrong whatsoever with also seeing wisdom in Buddha's teachings. I don't know enough about Buddhism yet, but I am anxious to learn more. I study all religions and the Golden Rule, loving-kindness, whatever you want to call it is the basis for enlightenment in all of them. Sure, there are passages that conflict with this underlying theme, but whatever you believe, human beings wrote and edited the scriptural texts, and you, reading it, are human as well so you must leave room for inaccurate interpretation, lest you see yourself and the human race as infallible. Oh, I also believe Heaven is a state of mind / state of existence here on Earth, and I see nothing in the Bible to conflict with that idea.

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I follow the Buddhist 8 fold path and the path of Jesus by studying both of their lives. The other stuff that is written ABOUT them, by disciples, is just stuff written about them. It is often very conflicting, but the life of each as is printed during their life time (or soon after) is not as conflicting and certainly is more peaceful and compassionate. <br />
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I found the most WONDERFUL book called The living Buddha and the Living Christ, by Thich Nhat Hanh and it goes VERY WELL with two other books, The Brain That CHANGES ITSELF by Dr. Norman Doidge, M.D. and The Joy of Living by Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche. Mr. Hanh shows the path of peace and compassion of Buddah and Jesus and how Jesus followed the 8 fold path. The one by Dr. Doidge shows how the brain regroups and changes through positive thoughts and feedback and how it improves peace and compassion. <br />
Mr. Mingyur, shows how meditation and following the 8 fold path has brough him joy but he shows how SCIENCE of the MIND proves that meditation makes changes in our brains that produce peace and compassion. WOW, how I found ALL three of these books....must have been a gift!<br />
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My name "Radiant" is taken from the Celestrial Gallery of the Goddesses. I picked the Radiant Tara as my name sake. <br />
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I served as a Christian Teacher for many years, only began studying Buddism in the last two years. <br />
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I kept saying to friends that I found no conflict in observing the basic principles of both...NOW I HAVE BOOKS that explain ME much better!<br />
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I hope you continue the enlightenment.