To Meet More of Buddhist Friends

I was raised a Roman Catholic; between my mid twenties and thirties I was interested in different kinds of religious experience; but by my mid thirties I knew that Buddhism was a very important source of wisdom for me.  I've  thought of my journey to meeting Buddhism as a huge fortune for this lifetime of mine.  In 1989, I first met a Tibetan-trained Buddhist nun in Adelaide who suggested these words for my daily meditation:
May I be well
May I be happy and free from suffering
May I be free from enmity
May I be free from troubles of mind and body
May I be free from hurting
May I be able to protect and respect my own and others' happiness

I have since come across various versions similar to the above words but I still use these suggestions for my current daily meditation.  I hope to meet more of Buddhist friends here and beyond.

thien thien
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And the last one... May all being be well and happy.. :)

a buddhist too.<br />
<br />
Read classics! just as i read HolyBible. more experience will you perceive from classic reciting again and again.

Hello spirit child of Siddartha, I am not a Buddist but may our spirits be in alignment nontheless. I think you will find many here, whose spirits are in alignment with yours. We may differ slightly, but your beliefs are respected by many.

You are really lucky since you came across such a peaceful practice and life style. Chant and Buddhist classic reading and any other forms of such religious practice could help you pure your heart from negative ideas as well. It's the REAL HEART create all magic world phenominons, And we creatures all in fact share this one-and-all heart! not the carnival one.<br />
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but buddhist people do involve in worldly affair! in an active way you can not imagine in ordinary people's perspective.<br />
<br />
If you can feel the harmony between Christian or Catholic and buddhism, you are more lucky than your current. Messanger from God? Yes! We all are and should be! to promote wisdom into the dark corner of people's inside.<br />
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I m not very fluent in English! but the world stands peacefully beyond ideas and language. Free yourself from ideas - it's Zen's core approach to reach the destination of peace.

There are many ways to learn how to become a Budist and how to follow such a way of thinking and standing with each teach of this very wise religion. It really makes me think a lot of the many lessons I've learned by reading books on Budism and lots of Zen books too.<br />
I never could accept the thinking of death, the way it's taught by the Catholic Church< I always said to myself this is allthat counts, we come here, live, suffer, and so and so on and all we get is to go to heaven and be with the angels? I wanted something meore than that. I wanted to be alive after i'm gone... so the budist religion really gave me the answer I was hoping for. I now beleive in reencarnation and I also know we are here to learn and then we go back and come vback again with new "tasks", that we have to accoplish in order to merit the eternal life. I am not a Budist, but a spiritualist really. I also learned a lot about kardecism, ( Allan kardec) - These teachings approach the Budists ones, though they are different, but have the same goals. <br />
I really want to get in touch with the many Budists and Kardecists so I can learn more about the here after and the teachings of life as well.

I need to know.. more about Buddhist..<br />
what i've I feel is .. buddhist people don't involve in worldly affair.. is it true.. means 24/7 they keeps on worshipping or mediating?<br />
<br />
o0ne more thing.. how Buddhist believe in Jesus.. as messanger as God?? or??<br />
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plz do me a reply

You daily meditation chant hopefully brings you the peace you desire.