I Like Buddhism a Lot Though I...

I like buddhism a lot though I wouldn't call myself a buddhist.  I don't subscribe to any religion but if I were forced to it would be buddhism.  I'm really into its philosophies on compassion, reincarnation, karma, emptiness, etc.
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I think Buddhist philosophy can be very helpful to people like you and I Darlene. I would check out some Thich Nhat Hahn if you can. Being Peace is a great book. Hope you are doing well!

Hey there! My psych provider just suggested to me that I read some books on buddhism. She thought some of the philosphy would really help me.

Emptiness is a concept that is based on the temporary nature of all things. Everything on this earth and in the universe is temporary and will die or wither away eventually. It's only a matter of time. Mountains will wither away. Even our sun will someday be extinct. The buddhists tend to refer to emptiness quite often and suggest meditating on the inherent lack of reality in all things (their impermanence).<br />
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Compassion is having a sense of gratitude for all that is around you. It is to want happiness and joy for all that lives.

It depends on the buddhist you talk to, there are a lot of different types. But generally buddhists are against intoxicants of any kind. But also something I've read over and over in buddhist literature says that you should always decide for yourself what you follow within the religion. It asks that you make your own rules and decide what to abide by. As long as what you do doesn't negatively affect others or yourself, then you should keep it up. I always had the problem of not being able to stop after one (or 6!) beers. So I quit drinking 7 months ago. I was also using some pretty hard drugs at that time which I've stopped. I still smoke pot occassionally but that's the only thing that I do.

Funny thing....I have been interested in buddism for quite awhile, but some of the books are a little hard to understand, or is it just me? Anyway, I dont really believe in religion, and buddhism to me doesnt really seem like a religion, just a peaceful way of thinking and living life. Well, heres the funny part, I was skimming thru a book yesterday in the bookstore and saw that buddhists do not believe in drinking alcohol.....I hope this doesnt sound shallow, but that would be a bit of a problem. Not that Im a raging alcoholic, but I like the occasional beer or six! LOL! Just my thoughts.....