The Thrill Of The Seduction

There is nothing that turns me on as much as the thrill I get from watching men as they hit on my lovely wife and try to seduce her.  I love the nights when we go out on the town looking to have a little fun.  She will usually dress real sexy when I request it because she knows how much I like to show her off and what a rush it gives me to see all the men checking her out all night.  I always encourage her to flirt with the ones that are brave enough to approach her.  My **** growing harder as he chats her up, and with me right next to her.  I make sure to keep the drinks flowing to her because it breaks down her inhibitions, not to mention it makes her horny which makes it all the easier for the men to score bases with her.

What I'd really love to do though is to hook up with a local dominant man or two from somewhere like here on line.  Forge a freindship with him/them and formulate a plan for her seduction, then set it in motion during one of our nights out.  I'd make sure she was properly dressed for the occasion, something sexy/ borderline slutty and very revealing.  Being mindful to keep the wineglass full so she's well lubed and ready for anything that might come our way that night.  Her blissfully unaware of the dominant man who's been watching us for a while.  The one I can now see approaching us from his place among the shadows.  ready to pounce on my sexy sweetheart, with my complete aproval and support of course.  I'd love to watch him worm his way into her mind and make her even more vulnerable with his silver tounge till she can hardly resist him.  Then with my encouragement I watch him lead her to the dancefloor.  My **** growing hard as I watch his hands touching her for the first time.  The unquenchable dryness in my mouth and my heart racing as I watch them swaying to the music.  I see him whispering in her, his hands exploring her soft skin as he holds her close during the slow and sultry song. 

I watch as he expertly transforms my sexy wife into a hot and horny ***** in heat who is all too ready to surrender to this man, at least for the night!   

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Take her away from hubby and make her winne for it!

Now that's hot! That would be so erotic to have him move in on her and decide he liked her enough to lay claim to her. Finding enough potential in her that he charms her away from me and out of the club as he works his way privately into her panties.

Or even better if he didn't find her to his liking and told me as much in our times alone with insulting and demeaning comments when she's not around. Chastising me for wasting his time with such a stupid mule and making good on his threats to teach me a humiliating lesson for it by getting the "cow" sloppy drunk and turning her into a lowly bar **** for all the horny men to take turns with right in front of me. Making sure that everybody knows that it is my wife their using. Pushing the limits of human decency as he has her so publically used and abused by the now lecherous, rowdy crowd. I see her half naked and hanging out of her clothes as the continuous, mercilessly unrelenting group groping and fondling kept up till the wee hours of closing time. I watch him turning her out all night long to any man who wants a piece before he brings her back over to me. But only just long enough for me to watch him make her beg him for his **** before he smugly walks my sweetheart right out the front door into the night. Laughing at me over his shoulder and telling me he'd bring the "dirty pig" back to me when he was done with it. Leaving me at the bar alone with the rest of the crowd to wallow in my shame and humility. Wondering where he took her, how long they would be gone and when/if they would be back until they kick me out of the closed and empty bar to nervously slog off home all alone.

Love it - have the same fantasy. So exciting - the thought of dominant alpha type taking control of my wife and turning her out

I'll do it! Tell me when and where and I'll be there. Imagine the eroticism of watching another man with your sweetheart, his **** pumping in and out of her moist hole, pleasuring himself with her body, then finally watching him tense up and shoot his hot seed deep into your sweet little wife. And I'm just the man to do it!

Loved it and like the others said there are those that will help out.

It does give a rush to watch it unfold. After the 1st time, when she goes out to meet him or when she is out with a group and you know he will be ther, the anticipation 'til she gets back home is such sweet agony.

my fantasy exactly! wish we could hook upfor a double date and watch the ladies go

Name the time and place my man!