I'm Her Cuckold

fantasized about my wife having sex with other men in front of me for years. used to watch her wiggle down the street in her skirts and heels and say to myself...i want her ******. well, i finally brought it up to her and she agreed to try it. HELLO...our life will never be the same...she loves it, i love it, we love each other.
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that's so good my husband loves watching me get serviced by big strong alpha men hung better than he is. I introduced this into our marriage after the 1st year we are now on year 15 .

This is my fantasy too but do not know how to initiate it and tell my wife that I like to see her with other men, black men especially ....

My fantasy too. She has ****** other men and enjoyed trmendously. She stopped when I found out but has agreed to start again with my knowledge and encouragement.

Fully can relate to your situation and agree 100%! Took my wife over 40+ yrs to finally become interested in at least giving a 3sum a try? Another huge HELLO...here!<br />
<br />
Instead of being disappointed or ambivalent, she LOVED the attention, flattery and realization that yes...she is still sexy and desirable and other men would love to **** her? We also love it as does the man we selected to be her lover? Couldn't be happier with things even at our advanced ages and we have NO REGRETS!


Brilliant, yes it's a great lifestyle, i love it too.<br />
Regards,<br />

HOT, HOT, HOT. It such a thrill to see your wife with other guys! I think the greatest gift a hubby can give his wife is to alliow her to have other lovers.

do you try to seduce men for *******

Congrats........I'm sure you will both have a good time.