The Monsters, The Beauty, And The Wimp (Long But Worth It)

Me and some of my friends from the baseball and basketball team were at a party. We seem to be the only minorities there. There were 4 of us, two Dominican (Hispanic) two black. We were pretty drunk and high and had been enjoying our evening on the dance floor, rubbing up on all these white girls that love our attention. We were in a sorority house with two floors, one the dance floor and the other where bedrooms were. After hours of dancing we went upstairs and were in a room with a few girls smoking 420 and drinking a bit more. After a while 2 of my friends , one black and the other Hispanic left with the only two girls in the room to their own houses. Me and my boy continued hanging out around the house in the halls with other people when we saw HER.
Gorgeous, small about 5'2, not too skinny with a nice body. Blonde hair and blue sparkling eyes, stumbling across the hall. she seemed like she was looking for someone, looking into each room. She stumbled on me and i immediately held her close and flirted with her, "you found me, now lets go.." She smiled sweetly and told me i wasent her bf that he was around somewhere. I told her to smoke with me and my friend while he looks for her. "you don't need to be looking for him, he should look for you.." she agreed and we entered a room to smoke. After a while she seemed to really like me and get along well with my friend. after about 20 minutes her boyfriend came in.

he was white, about 5'7, slim dude, his eyes widened and filled with held-back rage as he seen her laughing, drunk and high between two tall, built, colored athletes. He came in and sat down, she says "oh hey babe, i finally found you" she does not get up or anything he responds "we leaving soon?" I say " oh Nooo shes not readyto leave yet we still talking" my friend says "yea man she just got here" her mouth fell open in surprise at our response and looked at her boyfriend who now laid back on his chair with his head laying back as if he is passed out or something. she says " yea *******, i was looking for you".. Then i said " well good thing we were around to take care of her " he raises his head checks his phone and lays back again. she is just staring at him like wtf...

I start to whisper in her ear about why she with him and i ask her is he normally such a ***** , she says outloud " i never noticed before, i think hes just scared of yu guys." The dude dosent move or do anything so i decide its time .. I start to rub her neck and kiss her neck and my boy gets up and locks the door silently. She dosent do anything but accept what im doing . then i get bolder and pull down her shirt her nice **** come out and me and my boy are just sucking at her nipples . She is a nervous wreck buy she lets it happen.
Then he opens his eyes and looks and says "wttttfff babe.. wtfff wtf wtf.. "and he gets up . Me and my boy get up and tell him "shut the **** up and sit down. and don't open that ******* door"at this point we get closer to him and he sits down looking at her looking hurt and disappointed. me and my boy turn around to her still standing and she starts to unbuckle my pants immediately, then unbuckles my boys pants. She grabs our boxers and pulls both down at the same time. Our hard ***** just come out and her eyes open up like crazy.

"you guys are ******* MONSTERS" she holds my **** with both her hands, one on top of the other and kisses it then does the same thing to my boys' black ****. i look back and her bf is acting passed out but his face was red. We both put our huge ***** on her face covering each side all yu could see was a bit of her nose. Then she started to suck my **** and jerk my boy off, then suck his **** and jerk me off. It was crazy like she could never get enough. she says "so this is why all my friends love Hispanic and black men!, wtf !" she says this out loud ,looks at her bf and says "this ************ has a little *** ****** compared to you two" then we sat down, me and my boy next to each other hard long ***** out no pants on. She was on me riding my **** and me bouncing her up and down and when im about to *** i just lift her up pass her to my boy and he does the same thing then passes her back. We **** her until she is ******* and screaming. her boyfriend at this point was watching us and he seemed to have cried a bit. he was still red and angry. Then we got her on a chair sideways, right in front of her wimp boyfriend. I was ******* her ***** , wrecking it, making her *** over and over , and yu could tell cuz my **** was covered in white and i hadent finished. on the other side she had my boys long black **** in her mouth. right in front of her boyfriend. Then my boy started ******* her as hard and fast as he could and when he got tired i jumped in and did the same, intense *******. Then at the end when she was squirting on the chair she dropped to the floor by her boyfriends feet, me and my boy started ******* all over her some on her face from both of us some on her chest. She was naked by his feet, DONE, wasted , spent/ not only was she drunk and high out of her mind but she was ****** and tired, exhausted from squirting and *******. she had her eyes closed tryna grab on to her mans leg as he tried to get her off. me and my boy got dressed and as we headed out we heard her say while she was crying with her eyes closed hold on to her mans leg , face full of black and hispanic *** to her white boyfriend who just seen her get trashed and ******.. "i'm so sorry baby.. *sob*, they are MOnsters , Im sorry im sorryyyy.. idk what sorrryyy , i love you!!....""

we closed the door behind us.
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Great story, done similar to my husband a few times

I've been in situations like that . My wife liked black and Hispanic guys and would always flirt, even right in front of me. I was affraid to say anything especially since it was obvious that she was enjoying herself and didn't care what I wanted.We were at a bar in Tampa once and Diane was sitting with these two guys. I told her it was time to leave. She laughed and when I said it again one of the guys told me to shut up. I didn't know what to do. I couldn't look him in the eyes