So where are the bulls? Seeing too many of us wannabe cucks in
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I'm a bull.


I a am a Bull and would enjoy the chase with your wife. Communication between all parties is essential.

I've been on both sides of this equation. I've ****** several married women, sometimes with their husbands' knowledge and sometime without it. But I also find it exciting when my wife or girlfriend gets ****** by other men. I don't see myself as the stereotypical bull or the weak cuckold. I just think married women are most sexy when they spread their charms around.

Hmm, not to sure I am bothered about hearing from the boastfulness of bulls, I like to hear from other cucks and be comforted in the knowledge that I am among friends and like minded people. Since be a member of EP, I have come to realise that our way of life is not so strange, that there are many of us who enjoy the life and so I am comforted by the community that I now share.
Of course, the EP police dont understand this and keep deleting groups and postings.

But we bulls are your friends. We accept you for what you are, and glad you are that way. We give you that joy you can't give yourself or your wife.

I think having a bull as a close friend fist would be a great scenario...letting the wife fall into the relationship as she finds herself drawn in. In our case, I'd prefer she was totally unaware and the bull did his work without my direct involvement. I really don't want her to have the perception that I am pushing her into his arms. She needs to seduced. Most of the guys I talk to don't seem to want to go after her as they would a single woman....they want an introduction, essentially suggesting that I set her up with him....

They sound like a bunch of sissies. I would **** her with or without your knowledge. So I damn well don't need you to open the door for me.

The weak out number the strong. And the weak spend more time online talking and fantasizing as the strong bulls spends ******* the women of weaker men, as we should.

Put it this way I think men are as shy as women when it comes to meeting up

I guess....too bad. This is one husband who would offer his blessing......

and this is one single guy who would accept it... in a heartbeat. I just need to know if there's interest . I'd hate to misjudge and insult anyone or step on anyone's toes.

I think there are lots more women available to bulls if they would go to the trouble of seducing them....rather than waiting for hubby to push their wives into the arms of the other man.

Yes I agree totally . Men don't realise how available lots of wives are

And wives and husbands don't realize how many available single guys are interested in becoming involved in such a relationship with a couple. This one sure is and is available. May be someone out there can give me some hints on how to tell if a woman or couple is open to having a third. It's not exactly a topic you can strike up a conversation about with a woman your next to in a supermarket check out line or a couple you see in a restaurant or other place you might encounter couples in. I'm very approachable and very interested.

I usually have my wife dress to show as much naked ***** as we can get away with before getting in trouble. When I see other men looking at my wife's big ****, I smile at them when they realize I caught them looking at my wife. Still most men are still not willing to risk rejection as a result of making contact with us. I know from men that have taken the risk and did end up ******* my wife, that they wanted to make contact but were scared to do so, but these guys took the risk, even though they were scared. I have had many offers from men online that want to see and play with my wife's big ****. We have met several of these guys and they did get to play with my wife's big naked **** and they all got a blow job also, some even ended up ******* my wife.
I think if you see a couple and the wife is dressed very sexy or slutty, you can bet they will kindly welcome meeting you. Even if you are not what they are looking for, they will probably let you know in a kind and gentle way, and let you know they enjoyed meeting you. We cuckold husbands and our wives appreciate any man's attention, even if our wife is not sexually attracted to the other man. As my wife says, She is an attention *****.
Also, if you see couples at a nude beach, they are fairly likely to be swingers or in a cuckold relationship. If you see a tattoo on the wife, go up to them and ask questions about the tattoo to break the ice. Ask the husband if he would mind taking your picture. This would help break the ice and open new opportunities for conversation. The conversation should go from non sexual and slowly get more sexual. Guys have used this approach with us on our nude beach with pleasant success.

Good luck

You could be right about that, but also, and this comes from this particular single guy's point of view, it has to do with respect for a couple and their relationship. I am very interested in becoming involved with a couple, but don't know the signs that one would be interested, let alone approachable and I'd hate to be mistaken and misread something that really wasn't there. So shy, yes... that's part of it. But not wanting to offend is also just as much a part of it. And like any relationship between human beings, it needs to begin, and be built, with respect. Especially if it's going to turn sexual.

I can appreciate that concern. It seems that the dynamics between a guy and a girl are different from two people meeting at a bar...and there is no hint of jealous husband.....and, say, the same guy and similar girl...who's husband has reached out to said guy with the offer of his wife's charms.

In the first case, there is already some hint of attraction although there is no way of knowing IF there is a husband involved. In the second case, there is an open legitimate offer by a husband but no hint of attraction.....make any sense? If I had to chose between the two as a guy, I would chose the latter every time because I know I'm not going to be running down the street later, hanging on to my shorts, hoping hubby can't run as

Of course, the risk of being shot down is ever present. At least there is something of a chance, assuming the wife has some inclination and the guy has enough charm. If she says no, at least you big deal, there are others out there who will. I think the husband has the most to lose here because his plan to get his wife into someone else's bed could be exposed before it happens and the whole thing blow up in his face.

I agree that the cuckold husband does have the most to lose. Yes his plans to get his wife ****** by another man could blow up in his face and have many bad consequences. The worst of which is that he is successful in getting his wife ****** by another male, but then his wife falls in love with the other male and he loses his wife to the other male. This is always a risk that us cuckold males must be aware of and do everything to avoid. Since, I believe cuckold males, like me, are inferior males, this is a dangerous game we play. I take the risk because I believe that most Alpha males only want to **** our wives and use them as **** toys to live out as many of their fantasies with as possible, raw sex only, and they have no interest in loving a **** wife. With any luck, our wives are ***** that have sucked and ****** many mens *****. We are proud of our wives for being ****** by so many superior Alpha males, that Alpha males want the woman we are married to. Not for marriage of course, because the Alpha males want a faithful woman that ***** only them, and that is what they deserve.

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