Trust me .. Dont you EVER become one of the bullies !! Its really fun to tease , disturb , making fun of them , ect I KNOW .. BUT its actually really bad to do that . Bcause of that its making my life miserable , well ive never been bullied b4 alhamdulillah but its just make my life real tough.. And then i realized that this life is like a boomerang. What do u do to others is the same thing will happend to you or sometime its even more worses .. U make those people miserable so the same thing happened to u in a different way .. I just wanted to tell u ppl , please dont do something that may hurt the others , because if they were hurting and they dont di something to it , GOD will !!! Scary isnt ?!
Heres a short story of mine

I have this junior from my elementary school , she is really small and im big like a teenage guy bcause of my body and height. I used to pull her veil/hijab and calling her names ,mocking her ect. Just bcause some stupid reasons..

And then someday ..... I feel really bad/sorry to her and making me want to apologized . Which i already done :)) .. There is this day when she add me on facebook and making me feel more bad after what ive done to her ..shes still so KIND to me after what ive done !!! .. I really am a demo, devil or whateva it is .so i decided i need to apologized , in the fist im really affraid and shy but still pushing my self to do so ... And now were FRIEND :)) .. Im so happy with it bcause she forgave me :')

Thank you for reading sorry if its long and stupid :) .. One more time , Please dont ever EVER bully some one no matter what they are !! Theyre still human theyre the same with you .. What makes us different is a good char and bad char .. So choose wisely please , dont follow those bad ppl cause they had more "FUN" .we can have fun in a good way.a lot of thing we can do . Being a bad person is NOT!! ..
U better think 1000 times to hurt others !! Remember boomerang or what people call it "KARMA" ... And thats it

Bye xoxo from me :))
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beautifully written, and a lesson well learnt!!! you're ok in my book!! :)

ahaha okay thanks