Yeah i am a huge bully! Hardly ever see me do something good.

Arorin Arorin
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You would not last sh*t in my school.

Though I am a full grown man in the military and done mma for twenty years. You aredjamb bro.

You do mma too. I personally like Brazilian. How bout u?

Maui Thai


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And your proud?

I am proud of everything about myself and so is most everyone else.


You dont sound like a bully but a wiseman.

What would you like me to say? tell you about all my bad deeds? Every kid gets picked on growing up no matter how popular they are.I got bullied, and I bullied back, I am no longer a person that likes to hurt others, but there was a time I had a lot of anger and hate in me.

Ah, and I thought I was getting something juicy. Surely there's got to be ONE real bully in the world, for there to be all these people getting bullied.

lol how can I be feared by many if I am known by none princess? that is the joke.

haha you don't understand the joke? you having a blonde moment?

I am known by none, feared by many!

Half the lies I tell are not true!

Now thats funny :)

Are you two trying to start fights? for one thing this story is over a year old, and I was just joking. My "Friends" knew it was a joke which is why this was an inside joke and which is who I made it for.<br />
<br />
Now before you say anything more ignorant I will leave you with this. Stfu, and GTFO