Im Going To Be A Burlesque Dancer

Once there was a little girl who loved the feathers and exotic costumes of her mothers friend the ******** who worked in Soho's Cabaret bars. But her mothe looked at her indisgust when she told the teachers she also wanted to be a ******** when she grew up! She loved dancing and won a free scholarship to dance lessons but had to move away to the seaside. She used to dress the Frizzy glass bottles in little glamorous outfits made from sweet papers, glitter, feathers and tissues, whist watching the film Gypsy, before she gave the empty consumed bottles back to the newsagents for money. she went on to act in the school plays and then in the real theatres....but always believed her estranged father when he said that perfoming or arts would never bring an income.

Then she grew up and did many meaningless unfullfilling jobs and despite bcoming a stressed out head teacher still felt the need to create costumes, dance and act. Despite collecting many artistic qualifications she never put them to use.

well the day came eight weeks after having a major operation that saved her life and then two huge blood clots later and a vertical large scare on her stomach she become a Burlesque dancer wearing big knickers....a nights performance at a Cabaret Club in Devon...and now she wants the chance to fullfill her Burlesque cravings and make a carerer and prove thats she can be successful and that the art does give you an income, travel and a social standing.So Cheers to my Mothers friend where ever you are and heres to New friends,Me and the path ahead!
Cuckoobella Cuckoobella
1 Response Aug 10, 2010

No limit to what's possible in Burlesque; this story in itself could be worked into a great comic act, with a deep truthful sadness just below it's skin.