My Children Are Burn Survivors

march 29 2009 my mother , son, and daughter were burned in a house fire luckely my husband got most of us out of the house my sis, and grama passed away that night. my son was 2 yrs old and burned 75% of his body, my daughter was 1 yr old and burned 30% and my mom was burned  25% they all just recently came home and my daughter is doing amazing my mom has had some congestion problems but i think its from breathing in all the smoke she inhaled. my son on the other hand has ben having prob after prob... i just wanted to ask some questions to people that have been through this allready because i never get a straight up answer about my questions..... will my sons hair ever grow back?  will my children get picked on in school if so should i  home school them? does sweat glads grow back ( he cant go out side longer than 5 min or hell have heat exhaution or stroke risk) most importantly will he ever have a normal life?? thanks for reading, victoria
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I am so sorry for your losses and what you have been going through with your children and mother. <br />
On June 10th 2010 my 13 yr. old daughter was burned as well, we were sitting in the backyard and a firepot that we had on our patio table exploded and the fuel gel went all over her clothes setting her on fire. We spent 32 days in the hospital, she needed surgery on both of her hands and her right leg (front and back) also another surgery on the middle of her neck. She went back to school in Sept. and has been doing great! She is in 8th grade, so I was a little nervous on how some children would be towards her but everyone has been great in our town. She gets down at times, by all means she is entitled to. I as her mother try to stay strong (at least in front of her) as best as I can but it is really hard. We do go to burn survivor classes every month which helps us both. For all of you out there who are going through this tragedy, stay strong and take one day at a time. If anything came good out of any of this, its they will accomplish anything they put there minds to in the future because they are STRONG determined children! Good luck and best wishes<br />

I am so sorry for your losses and glad to hear that the rest of your family is healing so well. I am the mom of a little girl(5yrs old) who was burned on Mar 9, 2010. We spent one month in the hospital. She was burned on 30% of her body and had 6 surgeries(5 graft surgeries, 1 surgery to cut her arm because she didn't have a pulse in her hands or feet. She almost went into cardiac arrest)....She was burned by a pot of boiling water that she knocked off the stove so it wasn't the same type of burn as your children but I have been told different things about the hair on her arm and leg. Her burns were her left arm, right leg, back, side and top of her bottom. She had her side, arm and back grafted and those areas look alot better than the leg that wasn't grafted. She still itches alot and is in garments until early next year. I am right there with you..I'm so worried about when she starts kindergarten and as she gets a little bigger getting teased. Right now she's in pre-k and doing great the kids have just embraced her but my daughter seems to have accepted herself and her scares already. She is very open about what happened to her and doesn't mind talking about it and answering questions. I'm not so open but I do wish I had someone to tell me how to nurish her acceptance of the scars. I want her to have a strong self esteem to handle it when some kid at school is looking for a reason to pick on someone and teases her about her scars. She is a triplet and so it helps me to know her brother will be right there with her. If you would like to talk sometime I don't know how much advice I could give you because frankly that is what I am here for but I don't mind listening and sharing experiences and feelings about all this. <br />
Angel <br />
mom to Leah(burned 3/10)

Sorry to hear about the accident. I am a burn survivor and was burned as a child. It has been my experience that the summer time is worse, because of the heat. The best lotions are the ones with cocoa butter. I have many friends who were severly burned, and their hair never grew back. I was burned 44 years ago, so a lot of the treatments have changed since then. Good luck and God bless:)

I am so sorry you have gone through this. I know it's been hard for my mother to deal with my being burned, and I'm an adult. So I can't imagine a growing child. If your son has skin grafts, his hair may or may not grow back where the grafts are. The hair folicals more than likely would have been destroyed as well. It's been 4 years since I was burned (both legs and my right arm are grafted) and I only have a small patch of hair on my wrist. I've noticed very few single hairs on my legs. I'm sorry to tell you this, but you're right, it's hard to get a straight answer on some of these issues. I hope all goes well, and you and your family will be in my prayers.

thanks for the comment and sorry for what happened to your son and husband, my kids are dealing with it pretty well they say they love there scars that it makes them different and they like it they dont experiance itching any more but i still put lotion on them to keep them not so dry. My mother seems insicure about her looks and i try to raise her self esteem about it all the time it seems to be helping her a little bit. Ive tried contacting the shriners a couple times and never get a call back from them but Thats ok the burn center out here has been great with their laser surgerys. my son has recently started to get sezures when he gets hot so i have to keep him inside all the time, im so glad he might grow his hair back because thats the one thing he is sort of depressed about .how is your son and husband dealing with things and also you i know how hard it is to try and hold things together.

Hi. I just read your story, sorry for your losses and the nightmare that your family has gone/is going through. Last September we had a house fire, my 7 month old son was burned 17.5% and my husband was also burned. If you are able to get in contact with Shriner's they're great and have helped my son so much. From my understanding hair can grow back but the over-heating will always be a problem. My son was burned on his head, face, chest, r arm, and r hand. He's now 18mo and we're planning on sending him to school and trying to give him as close to a normal life as possible. We don't allow him in the sun for too long and have to use strong sunblock, it's hard finding an indoor playground in Florida but there are a few places. So far I haven't encountered anyone who's been negative towards him. Though I have found that itching is a major problem but lotion and children's benadryl help. How are your kids and mom dealing with everything so far?