I'm Still Affected

i got 3rd degree burns to the upper part of my body, 26 yrs ago
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31-35, F
1 Response Sep 8, 2012

I can well identify and empathize. My main 3rd degree burns are to my chest and under arms. My accident occured when I was 5 so my body developed but I am disfigured. I always wear high neckline tops when I go out and envy women who can wear lower cut necklines. Over the years I would smear the highest i.u. of vitamin E oil on my scars and did see some difference in the skin leveling out. In some areas along the edges of burns, actual skin came back and some sensitivity. For so long I have thought myself alone with having these types of burns. The thought actually hit me this past weekend to see if there was a group for burn victims and I am finally realizing I am not alone. I know: It doesnt change what we each have to deal with (internally and externally) as we live with ourselves and the challenges we have as a result but maybe some peace can be achieved knowing we are not alone in this.