Dead Man Breathing

"This is a story that God has compelled me to help spread the word of MIRACLES!!!! I was honored to be health care provider nurse that looked eyeball to eyeball in shower waiting for jack to nod and let me know when to rip dressings off with blood sweat and tears daily. His determination UNBELIEVABLE ... Thru his faith he SURVIVED.. Please read and be blessed.. DEAD MAN BREATHING just hit press... A must read !! 

My name is Billy Jack McDaniel; I was born in Laurel, MS and raised just south of there in a very small community. My wife and the love of my life is A’Leta McDaniel who was born in Arkansas. She has lived in Mississippi most of her life. We met in a grocery store I was working in. She was only 15 years old, and she says, “I was the man of he dreams”. We welcomed our beautiful daughter, Jacquelyn Carney McDaniel, into this world on July 29,1999. A’Leta was raised in a Christian home, but I was not. I was raised in a broken home where I lived with my mother. Even though times were rough and we struggled, it was a time of learning. I didn’t realize it then but that’s where I would gain the strength and courage to make the hard decisions, and to face life head Just before we were married I went to work on a freight carrier where I worked both dock and drove, that is till freight got slow. We then moved to the Monterey community where I became the waterworks operator, and A’Leta was a partner in a salon. We lived and worked in that small community, that’s where my work impressed my future drilling superintendent. We attended church there at Briar Hill Baptist Church. I left there and went into the oil field to better my life and secure a future for my family. We did have a good life as measured by today’s standards.

March 3rd, 2006 is the day we consider the official start to our new life. I was working derricks and a piece that we had in place to prevent blowouts failed. As a result I was burned on over 95% of my body and most over 3rd degree. There are scientific reasons I am alive, it is a miracle, a miracle from God. He still preforms them.We now reside in the High Country of North Carolina. We moved due to the climate, and health reasons. We are working to build a new life for our family. We have created Billy Jack McDaniel NonProfit Organization to provide a professional platform to tell my story to the I know God has called me to spread His word. I also believe there is only, “ONE” way to the Father, and that Jesus Christ. I believe Jesus walked a perfect life on this earth and was crucified on the cross and buried, but rose up on the third day to ascend into heaven to sit at the right hand of the Father. Even though I was a Christian before the accident, I consider March 3rd, 20096 the official start of my new life. Dr. Lee Yancey presented me with a license to preach the gospel on September 9th, 2007. In the last few years I have went thru severe depression, anxiety and pain. I have studied the Word of God and am no expert, although I have found comfort in those words many times. I believe that gives me a platform no one can dispute. I feel that I am more than experienced enough to bring the message due the many different things I had to go through. The fact that God has called us into the Ministry is enough, but He expects no less from, both my wife and I, to use this incredible opportunity to tell of the great God we have. Please help us figure out ways to help support foundation , which help burn patients that cannot afford supplies, or meds, burn camps for children, and many other things. We would love feedback on fundraising activities, jack motivation talks what ever .. Let us ear from You. 
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Thanks Sherie for such kind words. You have been the during some of our darkest days and for that we are greatful!