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Hi my name is Stephanie and I am looking for information for burn survivors.  My best friend's dad just recently burned his legs while working on his ranch.  His right leg was burned so bad (4th degree) that it had to be amputated because there was no possible way to save it and his blood in that leg had become spetic.  His left leg has 2nd - 3rd degree burns on it and the skin grafts have been applied, but they haven't started to take yet.  He is still in very critical condition.  I have never experienced any type of burn myself, but I would really like to learn more about the options that survivors have. 

I came across some blogs through this site and I was hoping that those of you that have been burned in the past or even just recently will respond to this.  I am interested in learning about different support groups that are out there and available for survivors.  If you could shed some light on the different groups that you have used, maybe a little on the expierence you had with that support group and if you felt it help, all that information would be really helpful to me.  I could also use some websites or links to the support groups or phone numbers.  Just whatever you can share with me would be great. 

I really appreciate all your help.  I can not imagine all the events that you have had to go through.  I am willing to learn more and get a better understanding for how burns change your life and persepective of things.  Thanks so much, I look forward to hearing back.

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I too am a burn survivor very recent, I was severely burned about 70% of my body, luckily I had amazing doctors. I think the most important thing is to be there for him. Just talk. It doesn't have to be anything special and I understand its not your dad I had random families talking to me and praying for me when I was in my coma. It's a hard journey but the only thing that makes it easier is friends, laughter and support.

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My name is Michael Appleman. I am a burn survivor, the founder and CEO of Burn Survivors Throughout The World, Inc.. I am sorry that your best friends Dad suffered a burn injury. I would be very happy to help you out, answer your questions and offer you support. You can contact me at michael@burnsurvivorsttw.org. You might want to look at our internet site at www.burnsurvivorsttw.org. <br />
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Also feel free to tell your friend, her Dad, his family and his other friends about BSTTW and they can also contact me. If you give me your telephone number in the email you send me I will be more than happy to contact you by telephone. Otherwise we can talk in a private BSTTW chat service. <br />
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