I Survived

2 months after my 4th birthday i was burned.me and my family were outside raosting marshmellows and my mm went inside to get more and my 14 yr old sister was supposed to be watching me. she left me and my sister who was only a yr older outside by the fire.my marshmellow had caught on fire and the wind caught it and it flew off the stick and hit me. i didnt even notice i was on fire. i was wearing a mickey mouse shirt that was highly flamable. my sister had to tell me i was on fire.i looked down and saw flames just beating off me, my sister told me not to go in the house cause she was afraid id burn it down. i ran in anyways and my mom told me to stop.drop.and role. when the parametics came they had to peal my shirt off and i can remember seeing my skin all flacked and black.i suffered from 3rd degree burns.i was in a hospital for a week when i almost died. i was rushed to a small hospital who didnt no what to do with me. i lost a lot of weight and then only weighed 25 pounds.then i was rushed to sick kids hospital in toronto where i stayed for another 7 weeks after that.i had many surgeries and had to learn how to walk again.i wouldnt eat anything so id have to fed threw a tube and had to bring milkshakes with extra sugar and fat in it to help me gain weight. after i was out of the hospital a doctor had to come into my school and tell my kidnergarden class about me and my story. im dealing with my burn very well as i grow up.if you were to just look at me you would never be able to tell i was burned,so i guess im lucky but i dont go to the beach in a bikini.i go to a camp for kids who have been burned so i no a lot of stories and other people who have been threw what i have.people are shocked when i tell them i can remember everything about it even though i was four. i think of being burned as a miracle.it teaches you and your family and friends not to take anything for granted and it teaches people not to judge by appearance.i wouldnt be who i am today,i wouldnt meet the people i have and i wouldnt treat people the way i do.at first i didnt understand why it had to be me and not someone else,why im the one who had to go through so much , but i no now even though im only 16 i no who i am and why im who i am. im a survivor. ive had a lot of bad things happen to me but im still here now so i guess im actually a pretty luckey person. and i thank my mom for doing everything for me and staying with me for 2months in the hospital to make sure her little girl was alright.

thank you for listening to my story,


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Thank you for writing this, your attitude is amazing for a girl your age. I was burned with boiling water when I was 18 months old and I've always found it very hard to accept myself (and I'm 34!) I guess sometimes you just have to "let it go" and move on, thank you for inspiring me to just that. All the best to you.

I just have to tell you that I just cried reading your story. My daughter is 4yrs old and she was burned when she fell getting out of a chair and knocked a pot of boiling water on herself. I was standing right beside her and couldn't stop it. I have been having some issues about this and I'm just trying to figure out how much she will remember and how to help her deal with what happened as she gets older and you give me hope that my little girl is going to be alright. She had her arm,side and back grafted(mesh grafts) and she is healing great. The doctor told us if we keep her garmets on her like we're suppose to and do her scar massage and motion exercises she should have a wonderful outcome and I'm praying that is the case. It's just hard not knowing what to expect. She is going to have some areas that people will see but for the most part she won't. <br />
I just want to thank you for your story and say that you give me hope for her. Hold your head high you are awesome and I'm sure a beautiful girl!<br />
Angel& Leah(4 1/2)

I love your story your so positive . My burns have taught the same things as you. You are much smarter than your age. Keep up the good work