Burned Aged 3...now I'm 46....

As a 3 year old I was accidentally burned by my then 16 year old brother. For many years I blamed him for my misfortune, in fact every misfortune in my life I blamed on him. As I grew older and 'wiser' I learnt that he was always the one running errands in the family.

On this dreadful day my brother was called to run yet another one of those errands. He was asked to boil orange & lemon peals (skin) for a member of the family who was suffering from flu. You might ask yourself why they didn't just go out to the chemist and purchase some Lemsip?!?! I guess it was because my parents had very little money in those days, having to care for 9 children, & maintain a mortgage...times were hard, therefore, my parents resorted to an 'old school' remedy..

As my brother was rushing to give this piping hot concuction to the sick member of my family, I ran under his feet knocking the cup out of his hands and all over my body. Clearly shaken, my brother, I am told, was in a state if shock for days/weeks. I was rushed into hospital where I remained tied down to a bed for 6 months!!! I always questioned why I was tied down to a bed (as if being burnt at 3 wasn't bad enough, the hospital staff decided to torment me further by tieing me to a bed!).

As a reminder, the scars remain on my hand and my left side. Thankfully I am alive today, I am always thankful for that. I have a beautiful daughter & grandson, but sadly no one to share my life with.... Maybe one day :)
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Hello It's Senghenydd again Thanks for the information about Burn's World I had a brief look at it it looks ok I have two web site which should be of interest to you firstly there's the Katie Piper Web site, Katie was a young model who was going somewhere, however she got involved with the wrong guys and had acid thrown in her face it was very strong acid her face is badly disfigured and she lost an eye her teeth she has had more than two hundred operations anyway her web site is wwwkatiepiperfoundation.org.uk/support-links she runs workshops and raises funds for hospital treatment she was running a Burns Support Group in Nottingham only I suspect that went pear shape another group I would like to recommend to you is www.chelwest.nhs/services/surgery/burns-service/burns-support-groups try accessing those web sites I'm sure you'll find them interesting anyway it's 9.31 am in the old country time I went off and done some work Bye for now, Senghenydd