Getting Braver

I am trying to get used to my scars. I've been sitting around the house with them exposed. When someone comes over I don't hide them. I even went out to an old hang out for an hour without covering up. People were happy to see me, but I got no hugs. A few people had a quick look of unpleasantness but I can understand that. Only one person cut our conversation short, but I expected that. During the day, with the sun I have a good excuse to cover up. And I'm happy to use it.
My boyfriend keeps telling me he saw it at it's worse, he doesn't care about seeing it now. While I was out during the day, I was hit on by a guy saying I was still beautiful. Both feel nice now all I have to do is start believing it.
Now that I've forgiven myself, I have to regain my confidence.
As a side note... I have a sympathy for the bad guy in horror movies, when they turned evil because of a burn. Anyone who watched darkness falls, about the tooth fairy might understand.
Thanks for reading this.
Badina Badina
46-50, F
1 Response May 24, 2012

Your Boyfriend Is Amazing, Obviously Caring & Absolutely In Love With You! He Sees Who You Are Before & After And Doesn't Care About Aesthetics! He Sees & Knows The Beautiful Woman He Fell For!

I'm very lucky. I hope you are also.