Family Impacted

I was having a "discussion" with my boyfriend/housemate about our finances and how my accident negatively effected them.
I didn't realize the impact it would have on those around me. I contribute all that I can.
What I didn't realize is the mental impact it had on him. To see the look one his face when he said "I live with it everyday too!" broke my heart. He's been having nightmares, though he calls them weird dreams.
How do you keep the romance when he was also the caregiver?
In some ways he still is, reminding me to wear my compression garment and other things.
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I know how you feel. It sounds like me and my partner. He constantly thinks about, blaming himself. He was lighting a fire with petrol, I was standing to close...

We live and fight this battle together. But where is the line between caregiver and lover?

Gold,<br />
Thanks for the continued support. I have been the caregiver in the past, which makes this harder for me. <br />
I know I can be a tough patient. And the finances are in jeopardy. So many relationships don't survive an injury. Im sorry to hear about your wife. <br />
He remembers the parts of the evening that I blacked out. I'm grateful I don't remember much of it. He doesn't know the pain i have daily, but I don't know how it felt to see someone burnt, etc Sometimes I wonder if he things its his fault. He also has overcome his own disability which he hides very well. <br />
It's awesome that he thinks I'm still sexy. When Im hurting he finds a way to make me feel better. I hope you have found someone new to appreciate you.

Burningmad, why should it surprise u that she has a boy friend, she's not dead, we can live normal lives, we may hurt but were still have feelings.

It is hard on those around u, i went through the same thing, but they don't go through the pain we suffer each day, so no they really don't understand. They can act like they do, but theirs no way they really know. my wife left me for someone else because of that. unless he went through the accident, he shouldn't be having dreams about it. it's good he helps in other ways, but he doesn't have the slightest clue about anything else.

you have a boyfriend?