Roasting Marshmallows Around A Fire

I was only 5 years old. One of my older brothers was having a bonfire party with his friends and so I was hanging our with them.

We were roasting marshmallows and some of them were playing baseball nearby. In a split second the baseball hit the fire. A branch was sent flying. I had turned by back to go inside the house to go to the bathroom. It took a few seconds for me to realize that my lower back and hair was on fire. My brother's friend beat the crap out of the flame (and me) while my mom called 911.

It was a severe burn and it got treated but there is still a scar. At least it was just my lower back, an area of the body you don't need to use for anything besides a tramp stamp. I just thank God I survived and that it wasn't somewhere else.
Santana4 Santana4
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Hello It's Senghenydd again Thanks for the information about Burn's World I had a brief look at it it looks ok I have two web site which should be of interest to you firstly there's the Katie Piper Web site, Katie was a young model who was going somewhere, however she got involved with the wrong guys and had acid thrown in her face it was very strong acid her face is badly disfigured and she lost an eye her teeth she has had more than two hundred operations anyway her web site is she runs workshops and raises funds for hospital treatment she was running a Burns Support Group in Nottingham only I suspect that went pear shape another group I would like to recommend to you is www.chelwest.nhs/services/surgery/burns-service/burns-support-groups try accessing those web sites I'm sure you'll find them interesting anyway it's 9.31 am in the old country time I went off and done some work Bye for now, Senghenydd